Aral started to pay by card at e-charging stations

Currently, getting to a charging station with our electric car is an operation with a certain degree of difficulty due to the different formats to start point. What if an app or a card for each network, what if I have to enter the data of the car. The result is that many clients are overwhelmed, especially when something goes wrong in the process. That is why the German operator Aral has decided that recharging should be as easy as refueling or shopping at the supermarket, thanks payment by bank card.

It is an extremely simple system where the client only has to indicate the point that he wants to use and pay the total energy managed. Without registering in the app, or registering the card. A simple and functional way that until now almost no operator is using.

According to Alexander Junge, a member of the Aral Board of Directors and head of the Electromobility division. « Direct payment options offer electric car drivers more flexibility and easier access to our rapidly growing charging network, without an app or charging card. This is how we make loading even easier and increase long-term customer satisfaction .”

In this way, the company anticipates a regulation that the German government has launched, which obliges companies with fast-charging stations to install charging systems without registering. A standard that will be implemented throughout 2023.

And is that having a charging network that is not only reliable but also easy to use for all users, improves customer perception of technology and expands the potential market for this type of vehicle.

In this way, customers who come to one of these stations will have at their disposal a wide variety of possibilities to start recharging. From the bank card, the mobile, or a smartwatch. All without any type of registration, monthly payment, or providing personal data.

In addition to celebrating the launch of this system, the operator has launched a promotional campaign that allows 10% of the cost of each recharge to be recovered until September 11, 2022.

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