BMW iX 2022: All Details & New Photos

Now BMW has presented the prototype of the former iNext concept vehicle and published the name of the production vehicle. The electric SUV from Munich will be called BMW iX, have a lot of power, have a long-range, and come up with some design highlights. With the iX, BMW is embarking on the future of electromobility with the next model. We have all the information and pictures for you.

The third model in the i-series will be an SUV that will be named iX. One year before the market launch, BMW has published pictures and interesting information. The iX shown is still the prototype, but it will probably go into series production without any major changes.

BMW iX 2022

BMW iX 2022 Prices and the start of sales

The BMW iX will hit the market at the end of 2021. The order start will therefore begin in mid-2021. Now BMW has also set the prices for the iX. The xDrive 40 will start at 77,300 euros. If you want the more powerful xDrive 50, you have to spend at least 98,000 euros.


As has already been predicted, the iX will have enough energy for a full 600 kilometers of range. If the battery is then empty, you can of course charge the iX at a fast-charging station, the charging process from ten to 80 percent takes just 40 minutes. If you are in a hurry and don’t have a long distance to go, you can refuel enough juice for 120 kilometers in just ten minutes.

BMW iX 2022

The 500 hp version will be the top version. But BMW also wants to offer a slightly weaker version of the iX. It is not yet known what it will be and whether a weaker battery will be installed there. In any case, a plus point for the iX is that at BMW you can do without the use of rare earth and thus conserve resources.

Details about the engines are not yet known, but the iX will sprint from zero to 100 km / h in under five seconds and the combined consumption will probably be less than 21 kWh per 100 kilometers.

BMW iX 2022

The new Digital Car Platform is very futuristic because the iX can network with all other digital BMWs, and all passengers can stream 4K videos via their smartphone if necessary. Also, the iX can establish connections to traffic lights and streets and it updates itself over the air. The function of autonomous driving 2+ is also very pioneering.

This level means that the driver can take their hands off the steering wheel while the iX steers by itself. Using a camera, the vehicle constantly measures the direction of the tip of the nose and thus determines whether the view is also directed towards the road – because that is a prerequisite for driving without touching the steering wheel. The camera is of course dependent on being able to correctly recognize the nose, which is currently not possible with a mask.

BMW iX 2022

Technical data and exterior design

These are quite impressive numbers and the battery capacity of 100 kWh is just as impressive. The huge battery is of course heavy, which can be seen from the weight of the vehicle.

The design of the iX is just as ultra-modern as its equipment and digital features. Also, the subject of aerodynamics is very important in an electric car. The iX was designed to be very aerodynamic and scores with a drag coefficient of 0.25. That is less than the Audi e-Tron has to offer. Every little design element is designed to create more reach and less drag. Right up to the high-performance bikes, which have also been aerodynamically optimized.

If you look closely, you will notice that there is hardly a gap between the front and the bonnet, and there is a reason for that: the bonnet cannot be opened, you can only open it by pressing the brand logo and refill the washer fluid there. To be honest, this takes a lot of getting used to and forces iX customers to go to the authorized workshop for every little thing, which can of course open the hood.

BMW iX 2022

Some parts of the iX have also been made from carbon fiber, for example, the rear window frame, water gutter, roof frame, and cowl. This of course reduces the weight but doesn’t do more for a 2.5-ton car. so much.

BMW iX 2022 Interior

The interior of the iX is classy, ​​modern, comfortable, and very high quality. As you can see from the pictures, you can choose different interior fittings, according to your taste. The unmistakable 60 centimeters long and freely floating curved display is part of every interior. A 12.3-inch digital speedometer and a central 14.9-inch display are integrated.

The steering wheel is specially designed, it is not round but hexagonal. If you have your hands on the steering wheel, you can support your arms on the center console, which is also floating freely. There are switches for gear selection, as well as a controller designed in crystal glass. All of this is attached to a wooden touch surface – very classy.

Touch is omnipresent in the iX because even the doors are opened inside with touch pressure. If you are looking for the seat adjustment, you also have to look in the doors, they have been housed there, as you already know from Mercedes.

Three of you can sit comfortably in the rear because, as an electric car, the iX has no center tunnel, which significantly improves legroom. Two USB-C ports are embedded in the headrests of the front seats so that devices can be used and charged in the back seat without any problems. The rear seats can also be heated as an option.

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