BMW iX1 Spotted On Test Drive

After 9 years on the market, the BMW i3 seems to be close to finally receiving a handover beyond the different renovations. The one in charge of taking the witness to the German compact will be the iX1, which will continue with the trend of SUVs and also shared platforms. A model that should hit the market this year and has been hunted by spy photographers during tests.

As we recall, the iX1 will be a compact SUV derived from the combustion X1. Therefore, BMW has chosen to follow the example of the iX3 and share a platform between the combustion and electric models. This proposal should reach the European market throughout this year and will be in charge, in addition to giving relief to the i3, also to offer an alternative to the Mercedes EQA. 

In the images, we can see a highly camouflaged unit, which does not reveal many details. If we can guess an angular and little aerodynamic body that fits in with the aesthetics of the latest BMW releases.

We see that the charging port will be located on the right rear wing, which is certainly a much better position than the front wing, although it should be on the driver’s side for comfort. We can also observe that the door handles are not fully integrated, as well as the presence of a series of sensors and at least one camera, which will allow us to offer a driving aid system.



In the photos we see that the body will be much larger than the i3, so for the moment, BMW is abandoning the urban 4 meters to place its smallest electric supply at the moment in the 4.4 meters that this model should have, which will be placed in the orbit in addition to the Mercedes EQA, with its 4.46 meters long, and also the 4.49 meters long of the Lexus UX 300.

On the mechanical aspect, at the moment none of its configurations has been leaked, but it is expected that it will keep the views in the iX3, with a 286 hp and 400 Nm engine coupled to the rear axle, possibly with a less powerful option and more economical.

BMW iX1 Price

As for the battery, it should have the 74 kWh, 461 km WLTP pack, and we may see an alternative around 60 kWh that will place it at a lower price point compared to its brother the iX3, which starts at 74,400 euros in Spain, although surely above what we have seen so far with the veteran i3, which does it at 40,700 euros. A very wide field where we may see the new iX3 at around 45,000-50,000 euros at its most accessible price.

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