BMW to invest 800 million euros for the production of e-cars

BMW will officially launch its first new-generation electric cars (Neue Klasse) in 2025. To speed up its production, it has just allocated 800 million euros to fine-tune its Mexican factory.

The Munich firm continues with its plans to launch its new generation of electric cars in the year 2025. These will be based on the new specific platform that they call ‘Neue Klasse’. Now, barely two years before said launch, the brand continues to make moves so that everything is ready and, for this reason, they have allocated 800 million euros for the preparation of their Mexican factory in San Luis Potosí.

This has not been the first major investment that has been made in this regard. Last October, the German firm already granted a total of 1.7 billion dollars for the expansion of its American factory in Startanburg, where most of the SUV cut models are currently assembled. This investment was carried out with the main idea of ​​increasing the production of electric vehicles there.

Of the total allocated for the factory located in Mexico, BMW will allocate a total of 500 million euros for a new assembly center for high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles. It will take place in an 85,000-square-meter facility, with a total of 3,500 jobs. Among its novelties, the plant will be updated under the BMW iFactory canons, which will be governed under the umbrella of labor flexibility for its workers, ecological manufacturing methods, saving and recycling resources, and digitization. All of this, with the idea of ​​achieving the long-awaited title of the net brand in carbon emissions.

However, although BMW has made a great contribution to this Mexican factory, the truth is that electric models will not begin to be produced at its facilities until well into the year 2027, to which the remaining 300 million dollars will be allocated. In this way, it will initially remain as a factory for batteries and other main components during the first stage of the life of the ‘Neue Klasse’. The first electric cars of this type will initially be produced in Debrecen, Hungary, in 2025, and will later be expanded to the main plant in Munich.


The new format batteries for its electric cars will be lithium-ion and cylindrical. According to the firm itself, they will achieve an increase in energy density of more than 20% compared to current ones, as well as faster recharging speeds and 30% more electrical range. On the other hand, its production will reduce by 60% the emissions produced up to now in the same work.

From BMW they aspire to obtain a sales quota in 2030 that is made up of 50% fully electric vehicles, something that they hope can happen even sooner. For this, the new ‘Neue Klasse’ models will have a strong role, as well as the technology that they will integrate into all kinds of terms, such as infotainment, for example. All this is to reach the milestone of being the benchmark in the electric car sector.

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