Cadillac Celestiq: New images of luxury electric sedan

After a period of splendor in the 50s and 60s of the last century in which Cadillac shone with its light as a luxury car manufacturer, the American brand began to enter a slow but inexorable decline that led it to be overtaken over time. by premium brands of European and Japanese origin even in its home market.

General Motors wants to change this and return Cadillac to its rightful place within the industry, making it its technological spearhead against Tesla. For this reason, from the year 2030, its range will be made up exclusively of electric cars. Its first such model, the Lyriq SUV, has already sold out of production for next year.

However, the real hit on the table will be the Celestiq, a representative sedan (F-segment) scheduled for launch next year. This sumptuous model, a rival of the most luxurious versions of the BMW i7 and Mercedes-Benz EQS, will become the new flagship of the historic North American firm.

The Cadillac Celestiq will be built by hand at the General Motors Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, requiring an investment of more than $81 million to prepare the campus. It is expected to become the General Motors vehicle with the largest number of 3D printed components to date.

Cadillac Celestiq

Cadillac Celestiq rates will start at around $200,000

The company has just released a new batch of interior images as a preview of the vehicle, which will be presented at the end of July. According to those responsible, the Cadillac Celestiq “sets new standards for exceptional craftsmanship and technology, with meticulous details superimposed on a clean cutting-edge design”.

Cadillac Celestiq

Metal inserts on the headrests, red perforated leather upholstery, a futuristically designed floating center console… It all harks back to the golden age of Cadillac when flamboyant, pastel-painted, aircraft-patterned Eldorados were all the rage in the industry. booming American auto industry.

Rates for the Cadillac Celestiq is expected to start at about $200,000, entering the competition against the most exclusive proposals in the sector. This price will be justified by its low production volume, its luxurious interior, and its important technological load (it will be in charge of debuting the sophisticated Ultra Cruise “hands-free” autonomous driving system).

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