DS4 2021: New Technologies Await Us

DS Automobiles returns to the premium C segment with the DS4 2021 . It is a new model that will bring with it technologies never before seen in the brand, such as the E-Tense electric propulsion system, a markedly digital interior, and the DS light signature.

After the spy photos, we can already say that the new DS4 is a reality. The French firm has confirmed this and has already announced the technologies that its luxury compact will display. Of course, it will not be easy in a segment in which it faces the Audi A3 or the BMW 1 Series, to give a few examples.

We can only use spy photos, and the brand has only accompanied its statement with an image in which the model’s surname can be seen. Although we do know that the new DS4 will revolve around four main areas: electrification, connectivity, comfort, and the DS light signature. The DS4 has been developed based on the new evolution of the EMP2 platform. This allows, among other things, the French luxury compact to obtain more performance without losing cargo space, ride comfort, and safety.

DS4 2021 Interior

En cuanto al interior, se ha puesto especial énfasis en la conectividad. Bajo el nombre DS Extended Head Up Display, las informaciones indispensables para la conducción se proyectan directamente sobre la ruta. A través de un efecto óptico, los datos se muestran cuatro metros por delante del parabrisas para acompañar la mirada del conductor en una diagonal de 21”. Las informaciones esenciales, como la velocidad, ayudas a la conducción, navegador, mensajes de advertencia o incluso la emisora que esté escuchando o la llamada que reciben, se encuentran como proyectadas sobre la carretera.

DS4 2021
DS4 2021

DS Iris System will be the new infotainment system present in the DS4 with voice and gesture control. Also, the touchscreen on the center console will recognize gestures such as ‘zooming’ or even handwriting. On the other hand, so that the system and the maps are always at the highest level, updates will be made instantly through the cloud.

DS4 2021 Plug-in hybrid variant

The new evolution of the EMP2 platform has been conceived to house a new generation plug-in hybrid drive chain. It is the 180 hp 4-cylinder turbo engine coupled to a 110 hp electric unit integrated into the 8-speed automatic gearbox and which collectively develops 225 hp. The battery, meanwhile, will make the DS4 capable of driving more than 50 km in zero-emissions mode.

DS4 2021
DS4 2021

As we already told you in the spy photos, gasoline, diesel, and at least one electric versions are expected that would share motor and battery with the DS 3 Crossback; that is, 136 hp and 50 kWh.

Level 2 semi-autonomous driving

The semi-autonomous driving level 2 is now available in 3 Crossback DS, DS 7 Crossback, and DS in September, and received greater development for the DS4 to DS Drive Assist 2.0. This results in precise positioning of the car in the driver’s chosen lane, to which are added new features such as semi-automatic overtaking, speed adjustment in curves, and early speed recommendations from signs.

In terms of dynamism and ride comfort, the DS4 receives a piloted suspension called DS Active Scan Suspension. This technology uses a camera to monitor uneven terrain and adjust the suspension accordingly. This is completed with an infrared technology -DS Night Vision- that is capable of detecting pedestrians at a distance of up to 200 meters at night.

Finally, the DS4 will feature a new generation of DS Matrix Led Vision headlights and a daytime running light made up of a total of 98 LEDs. In addition to the characteristic vertical light signature, these daylights feature a new welcome animation in a highly technological style.

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