Electric car with $20,000 and high range will appeal to the US market

It seems that cheap electric cars can only come from China and yet, little by little we are seeing that they cannot. The last, and the best example of this, is the Citroën ë-C3, which with its 112 HP of power and 320 km of range costs less than 20,000 euros with the maximum help of the MOVES III Plan. Well, the one in question is not a Chinese electric car either, but it also wants to enter the battle to be the cheapest electric car on the market or, at least, one of the best options in the ‘low-cost’ electric car market. A segment in which there are options as different as the Dacia Spring, the aforementioned Citroën ë-C3, and, although positioned far above, also the MG 4.

This last proposal is Vietnamese and is called VinFastYou’ve probably already heard about the brand because, although at the moment they only have the VinFast VF8 available, the new VinFast VF3 is on the way and has become one of the most promising electric models. The brand has already met with hundreds of dealers in the United States and they have assured that there is enormous interest in this model which, making the direct currency exchange, is estimated to cost about 18,900 euros – less than 20,000 dollars what they have advanced-. And of course, although its plans for the United States seem to be taking hold, the Vietnamese brand will not want to focus solely on the North American market.

VinFast VF3 wants to be the most interesting cheap electric car on the market

Orders for the model are now open and first deliveries are planned for the end of 2024 for its local market. There, this small cheap electric car is already a success without having delivered the first reservations, and there is practically a year left for it to happen. However, the Vietnamese brand is making unstoppable progress in its negotiations with key parties to reach new markets. And indeed, his situation in the United States is good judging by his latest statements. Especially because, as they point out, there is enormous interest in the brand, but especially in this ‘low cost’ price model.


VinFast has commented that they are investigating the demand and potential for the VinFast VF3 in the United States, after receiving positive responses from distributors. Regarding their possible entry into new markets, including the possibility of them addressing Europe as well, VinFast has limited itself to saying that ‘more details will be announced in due course’. But, as we mentioned, this is not the first time that they have pointed out the possibility of entering new markets, especially since the presentation of this cheap electric car, and there is certainty that they have met with many distributors and dealership managers. to explore the possibility.

VINFAST VF 3 interior

The key is that this car is claimed to cost less than 20,000 dollars in the United States, which in Europe would translate to less than 19,000 euros, and that we are talking about a car with a reduced body of just about 3.04 meters in length. Come on, it could be a direct rival for the Dacia Spring which, despite its technical limitations, has very good acceptance in the European market.

In other VinFast models, it achieves ranges of more than 400 kilometers, but in the case of the VinFast VF3, as curious as it may be, they have not given the specific technical detail of how many kilometers it can travel on a single battery charge. They have not given the figures for energy storage capacity nor for the power of its electric motor. It is estimated to be around 250 km approximately, under the WLTP cycle.

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