Ferrari SP51 All about the new V12 roadster

Ferraris, even children know, is very exclusive dream cars: produced in fewer numbers than required so that a Ferrari is never for everyone. And then there are the one-offs, those Ferraris custom built for such special customers that they are not satisfied with the production Reds. The latest is the one you see here: the Ferrari SP51, set up by Cavallino’s Special Projects Department to pamper a lucky Taiwanese collector. It is a roadster reinterpretation of the first V12 spider with the front engine from the Maranello company, which celebrates it 50 years after its birth and enhances its emotional charge.

Designed by the Ferrari Style Center under the direction of Flavio Manzoni, the Ferrari SP51 is a front-engined V12 roadster based on the mechanics and chassis of the 812 GTS. Net of technical updates not yet communicated, the SP51 should therefore have something like 800 hp under the hood, to exceed 340 km / h and burn 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds.

It’s not a spider or a convertible, mind you, here the roof can’t be opened: it’s not there! To fine-tune it, says Ferrari, a great deal of aerodynamic refinement was required through computer simulations, wind tunnel tests, and dynamic tests: to ensure not only maximum comfort in the passenger compartment but also acoustic control and perceived turbulence. ” quite comparable to that of the car of inspiration ”.

The glance – as always, one would say – is phenomenal. The surfaces flow sinuously without discontinuity, to draw muscular, powerful, harmonious, and streamlined volumes at the same time. The headlights have been redesigned and the rims are specific, with carbon fiber fins on all spokes. At the rear, the lights are set below the spoiler, made with an arched wing profile in carbon fiber.

Ferrari SP51

Elements in visible carbon fiber embellish the exteriors as well as the interiors, highlighting in a very gritty way the vents for hot air on the bonnet; the triple layer Passionate Red color was developed especially for this car, and the white and blue longitudinal decoration that crosses the bodywork and the interior recalls the legendary Ferrari 410 S from 1955.

Ferrari SP51 Interior

Ferrari SP51 interior

Inside, Alcantara dominates, also in Passion Red color, which contrasts with the longitudinal decoration in white and blue on the central tunnel, echoed by the stitching of the steering wheel and Kvadrat inserts on the door panels, the lower part of the dashboard, and side panels of the seats.

Cars like this, made thanks to the Special Projects program, are born from the idea of ​​the client and are developed together with a team of designers from the Ferrari Style Center, who after defining the design create a scale model to anticipate the construction of the car as an example. unique.

The process takes a couple of years approximately, during which the customer is involved in all phases of design development and verification. The result? As it is easy to guess, it is priceless.

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