Ford Puma EV will have 400km range and cheaper in 2024

Although the  Ford Mustang Mach-E is an excellent electric car, it is very expensive for the mass public. The blue oval brand is redoubling its commitment to the fully electric vehicle in Europe, and we already know that they are doing it hand in hand with Volkswagen. For the simple reason that they are taking advantage of their  MEB platform for several of their upcoming projects, among which is the Ford Explorer. Well, your next electric car is going to be much cheaper than what has been launched so far, and despite this, it will have a  range of 400 kilometers. under the WLTP certification cycle. Some benefits that will put you at the level of your rivals, and in many cases above.

The model we are talking about is the  2024 Ford Puma. Yes, it is not a new model, but it is going to take advantage of the restyling of the successful Ford Puma to make a series of important technical changes and, in this way, launch a new fully electric version in the range. And while you might think they could use the  MEB platform for this new 2024 Ford Puma, even more so as Ford and Volkswagen have expanded from 600,000 to 1.2 million platforms recently, the Puma will be based on the ‘  Global B’ platformA new architecture that will be multi-energy, as is the case with the Stellantis CMP platform. Because? Because that way they will be able to afford to keep a gasoline version in the range, for example, or gasoline with electrification.

The keys to the Ford Puma 2024, the new ‘cheap’ electric car of the brand that will reach 400 km of range WLTP

According to the advance of  Autobild, the new  Ford Puma 2024 in its fully electric version will be around  400 km of range under the WLTP approval cycle. And with this, it will stay close to the new generation of the  Peugeot e-2008, and notably above the 342 km that the electric Opel Mokka can do. This is precisely where Ford wants to position itself, getting closer to the benefits offered by premium manufacturers in that segment, and trying to differentiate itself from generalist brands with superior technical characteristics.

As far as the design of the electric Ford Puma 2024 is concerned, it is expected to follow the same language as the thermal version. That is to say, in basic terms, it will be identical, but obviously, it will have a  closed grill. And beyond that, only a few subtle differences will be appreciated, such as a  new lighting pattern for both the front and rear optics. Where somewhat more notable differences could be seen is precisely inside, where of course it will undergo an evolution to adopt the usual controls of electric cars.

Ford Puma EV

Undoubtedly, a key fact about this electric Ford Puma is that they have already begun to advance that its price will be around  36,000 euros. That, considering the help of the MOVES III Plan, it could be around  29,000 euros, approximately. As of today, the Puma ST costs 35,900 euros, so it does indeed make sense that the electric Puma fits into this fork. Of course, we are talking about the most basic version of the model and, therefore, the one that will have the lowest price of its various versions.

It is not going to be a cheap electric car at all, but it is going to be much cheaper than the one they have now available, which is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and it starts at just over 42,000 euros, already applying discounts, promotions and the maximum aid from the MOVES III Plan. The new electric Ford Puma will be manufactured from next year 2024 at the Romanian plant in Craiova, which plays a leading role in growth plans for Ford in Europe. It has been restructured to be the  ‘electrification center’ of the company.

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