Tesla brings back cheapest options for Model S and Model X

The name Standard has been used by Tesla to refer to the cheapest options in its range. An access alternative that now returns with the Model S and Model X, which receive a cheaper alternative. At the moment, these variants appear only on the Tesla page in the United States, where their sales have begun, which implies a starting price reduction.

In the case of the Model S, the price now starts at $78,490, which is $10,000 less than the now intermediate variant and which maintains the name simply “Model S”. That if, in exchange for this reduction, the sedan loses 137 kilometers of range, leaving the figure at 516 kilometers.

For its part, the Model X also sees how the Standard version means lowering its starting price by $10,000, which goes from $98,490 for the Long Range to $88,490 for the new Standard. Like the Model S, the SUV also suffers a drop in range that now remains at 434 kilometers.

Curiously, in both cases, the range figure is indicated under the heading “estimated” and not under the name of the EPA cycle, as is usual. Something that indicates that this version still does not have the certification of the American agency.

A new cheaper option that will begin its deliveries this coming month of September, and that becomes a somewhat more accessible option that seeks to revitalize the sales of two models that have been left in the shadow of the Model Y and the Model 3 in terms of by volume, but they continue to be an important section for their high-profit margin.

We do not know what the formula selected by Tesla has been for the price reduction, and it is that in the past the American manufacturer has already carried out this type of action by launching small packs, from 40, 60, and 75 kWh, as well as limiting by some software of the big ones to be able to offer cheaper alternatives.

Tesla Model S

Something that seems to be the selected option in this case, since we might think that today, Tesla has more options in terms of battery, and it would be possible for Elon Musk to choose to install an LFP cell pack in these variants, such as it happens in the cheapest of the Model Y and Model 3.

But if we take a look at the datasheet of each model, we see that the weight of the Standard and the Long Range variant is the same. Something that would indicate that except for surprise, we are facing a version limited by software.

A variant that may fit better in markets such as fleets, where range is not crucial, and the economic savings for each unit purchased, remains to be seen if it reaches Europe.

Summary prices

  • Tesla Model S Standard. Range, 516 km: $78,490
  • Tesla Model S Long Range. Range, 654 km: $88,490
  • Tesla Model S Plaid. Range, 639 km: $108,490
  • Tesla Model X Standard. Range, 434 km: $88,490
  • Tesla Model X Long Range. Range, 562 km: $98,490
  • Tesla Model X Plaid. Range, 537 km: $108,490

We can compare the figures of the Model S with one of its great rivals, the Lucid Air.

  • Lucid Air Pure. Range, 662 km: $82,400
  • Lucid Air Touring, Range 620 km: $95,000
  • Lucid Air Grand Touring. range 833 km: $125,600

As we can see, simply speaking of range/price, the cheapest Lucid receives significant competition with the new variant of the Model S, which is somewhat cheaper, $ 3,910, but also has less range, 146 km less.

On the other hand, in the intermediate version, the Lucid Air Touring curiously loses some range, going down to 620 km, and with a price of $6,510 above the Model S Long Range. So in this comparison, Tesla wins.

A Lucid that is now preparing the launch of a new variant, the Air Pure Single Motor, which will arrive in September and which will become the cheapest and which will very possibly improve the rangeTesla brings back cheapest options for Model S and Model X figures of the current one.

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