GM is partnering with one of Tesla’s main gigacasting suppliers

Tesla has managed to transform the entire industry, from its way of selling to its work system. Those from Austin have led a format that everyone now tries to copy. Elon Musk can be credited with many successes throughout his already extensive professional career. In his history, there are important milestones such as Paypal, SpaceX, and the more world-known Tesla. Behind all these great companies he is one of the greatest visionaries of our time. Only time can judge us all, but it is clear that few have managed to transform an industry as much as he has. Tesla has shaken the foundations of the automotive sector and many rivals are trying to replicate its system.

We are not only talking about mobility, electrification, and advertising, Tesla has managed to improve one of humanity’s greatest inventions, the assembly line. Henry Ford himself was in charge of adapting the process to the automotive world. Thanks to this, the sector has experienced its best era, but, like any technology, there is always a new system or a new format that improves what is present and serves as a preview of a new era. Tesla has achieved that small miracle with its production process.

We are referring to large castings. The most classic way to assemble a car is by joining thousands of parts and components. Manually or mechanically, every vehicle is shaped little by little using welding, adhesives, and screws. However, the Americans have gone a little further by creating large pieces quickly and relatively easily. By applying enormous amounts of pressure to castings, costs are minimized while reducing production time.

Cadillac Escalade IQ

Thanks to this, Tesla can manufacture more cars than anyone else and sell them at a more competitive price. That is the basis of his success. The rest of the manufacturers have seen in the famous Giga Press an ideal system for copying. Throughout the planet many rivals have tried to replicate Tesla’s system, some have already done so, such as Volkswagen, while others are taking the first steps on that long road. Now we know that one of the great American rivals, General Motors, has acquired the necessary machinery to start working.

As recognized by Automotive News, since last July GM, made up of the Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC brands, has partnered with Tooling & Equipment International to develop prototypes of gigacasting molds, as well as to perform other complementary services. It is not the first time that the corporation led by Mary Barra has been inspired by a Tesla solution. A few months ago, General Motors announced the use of the NACS charging system for its electric cars starting in 2025. However, on other occasions, the head of the company has also made harsh statements against Elon Musk.

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