Hyundai Bayon 2021: prices and start of sales

Hyundai is launching a new SUV called the Bayon. The manufacturer has now released more teaser images that already give a hint of the new crossover. The new compact SUV is due to celebrate its market launch in mid-2021. We tell you what is known so far.

The South Korean brand Hyundai has announced that it will soon be launching a new SUV model. The Hyundai Bayon is to act as an entry-level model in the B segment and expand the SUV model range from Hyundai.

If you don’t want to wait any longer for the Hyundai Bayon to go on sale, you can check out one of Hyundai’s current SUV models:

Prices and the start of sales

The market launch of the Hyundai Bayon should take place in the summer of 2021, an exact date is not yet known, in any case, the market launch will not take place before May 2021. The price of the new Hyundai crossover is not yet known.

Hyundai Bayon 2021 Exterior design

With the newly published teaser pictures, Hyundai reveals a little more of the Bayon. After the i20 and the new Tucson, the Bayon will also internalize the “Sensuous Sportiness” design philosophy. Hyundai would like to offer innovative mobility solutions that convey emotions at the same time.

The picture of the front shows that the outer ends of the air inlet, like the daytime running lights, are very narrow and therefore make the Bayon look wider overall. The Bayon looks robust due to the elongated radiator grille that opens towards the underbody.

It was decided to keep the headlights separate from the daytime running lights to preserve the typical Hyundai light signature and thus create recognition value.

At the rear, you can see brake lights in the form of arrows, which are connected by a red light band. The rear lights have been positioned quite far outwards to underline the entire width of the crossover.

The Bayon is to be sold mainly in Europe and is therefore also named after a European city. The southwestern French city of Bayonne served as inspiration here. The place is ideal for sporty people because sailing and hiking are particularly good in Bayonne. Since the Bayon will also be a sporty, modern lifestyle SUV, this name was chosen.

Further details on the Hyundai Bayon are to follow soon. We will inform you about it here.

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