KIA unveils two highly anticipated affordable electric cars

On the occasion of the first edition of its EV Day, KIA has revealed two prototypes: the EV3 Concept and EV4 Concept, which faithfully advance the main lines of the next two members of its zero-emission range. The production versions of these concept cars will be released in 2024 and 2026 respectively.

The EV3 is a compact SUV located one step below the EV5 (4.62 meters long), so it probably has dimensions close to those of the e-Niro. The EV4, for its part, is presented as a compact sedan with certain crossover touches, resulting in its approach being quite similar to the Polestar 2.

Although at the moment none of their technical specifications have been revealed, it has been confirmed that both will use Hyundai’s E-GMP platform in its 400-volt version, the same one that we can find in the EV5. The 800-volt system seen in the EV6 and EV9 will therefore be reserved for the largest and most expensive models in the lineup.

The Korean firm has detailed the materials used in the cabins of both prototypes. In the case of the EV3 Concept, mycelium has been used, which comes from the roots of mushrooms. Marília Biill, director of CMF Design (Color, Materials, Finish) at KIA, explains that it is a grown material, not manufactured.

KIA EV4 Concept

The KIA EV3 and EV4 will hit the market in 2024 and 2026 respectively

«The mycelium, which comes from the roots of mushrooms, combines excellent resistance with an extremely smooth surface. The development of cultured materials, a process known as biomanufacturing, is an important goal for KIA. Using mycelium allows us to mimic the processes we see in nature and harness them to design more sustainable solutions: the material can be grown into any shape you want using a mold.

KIA EV3 Concept

The use of mycelium is still at a very early stage and, as part of KIA’s sustainability strategy, we are working with partners to accelerate the development of the material. One day, by growing our materials, we will be able to simplify processes, adapt shapes, and, most importantly, be closer to nature in its essence

KIA EV4 Concept

In the EV4 Concept, the use of hemp fibers has been used. « Hemp is a fast-growing plant that requires minimal resources to grow. Not only is it highly sustainable, but it is also highly moldable, meaning it is a very versatile material to work with; Plus, it enhances the cabin with its beautiful, rich color.”

KIA EV4 Concept interior

During the event, KIA also announced that it is working on an EV2 developed specifically for Europe. This model will be produced in Slovakia starting in 2026. Although its body format is still unclear, it will likely be a B-SUV like the Stonic or a C-hatch like the Ceed.

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