Lack of demand allows VW ID.4 to be sold at a €4000 discount

Despite the improvements incorporated in the latest update, sales of the Volkswagen ID.4 are not going as the German manufacturer expected, something that adds to the unstoppable growth of its great rival, the Tesla Model 3. A situation that is causing movements such as the reduction of almost 7,000 euros, starting with markets like France.

Last September, the electric car market was firmly dominated by a Tesla Model Y that managed to register no less than 5,035 units. But the most striking thing about these sales figures is that there was no German manufacturer among the top 10 classified, with up to five French representatives, two Chinese and one Korean. But no German.

Given this, Volkswagen has decided to launch promotional machinery, and in this way, those interested in getting a unit of the ID.4 Pro, only for units in stock, will have a direct discount of 6,850 euros. Something that in addition to reducing its sale price from 51,900 euros to 45,050 euros.

This also has the impact that the German SUV can access public aid, which means adding another 5,000 euros discount, which leaves the price of this version at a more earthly 40,050 euros.

In exchange for this figure, the Pro version offers us a model with a 128 kW (171 HP) motor and a useful 77 kWh battery, which offers a range of 526 kilometers according to the European WLTP cycle. The charging power reaches 128 kW, which in 28 minutes allows it to reach 80% charge.


The access variant, the Pure, also has a discount, which is not available in Spain, and which has a promotional discount of 4,000 euros, which adding public aid leaves the cost of this variant with a 58 kWh battery at 35,000 euros.

Will it be enough to recover sales? It is certainly not an easy question to answer, since demand depends on many factors in addition to price, which is key. But also the availability and response that this movement may have from its rivals.

But it is clear that to revive registrations, everything indicates European manufacturers are going to have to put all their effort into offering the best prices in a market that is evolving rapidly, and where every day there is more and better competition.

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