The next Volkswagen Transporter will have an electric version

Since its launch in 1950, the Volkswagen Transporter has become one of the most important commercial vehicles on the European scene. Throughout its first six generations (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6), the German van was characterized by its wide range of versions that allowed it to cover the needs of a wide variety of potential customers.

The T6.1 range was divided into the versions Transporter (goods), Caravelle (passenger transport), Multivan (also passenger transport, but more equipped and luxurious than the Caravelle, which was aimed at more professional use), and California (camper). All of them shared the same body, platform, and mechanics.

However, Volkswagen has decided to give an additional twist to its strategy with the arrival of its seventh generation of medium vans. The gap between Caddy and Crafter is now not covered by a single model but by three completely different and independent of each other from a technical point of view.

On the one hand, we have the Multivan, which has come to rest on the MQB modular platform. Its touring chassis makes it closer to a minivan than to a van. Although in parallel Volkswagen continues to sell the Transporter and Caravelle of the T6.1 generation, they will soon be replaced by two vans derived from the Ford Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom respectively (remember that Ford and Volkswagen signed a collaboration agreement in the vehicle sector commercials in 2019).

Volkswagen will have a range made up of three medium vans

Therefore, the new Caravelle and Transporter will use Ford-sourced platforms and engines. The California T6.1, for its part, will be replaced in the short term by a new generation based on the Multivan. To all this, we would have to add the IDs. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo is 100% electric, which is based on the MEB platform.

VW ID Buzz

As we have indicated before, the offer will be divided into three models: Multivan/California on the MQB platform, Caravelle/Transporter on the Ford platform, and ID.Buzz/ID.Buzz Cargo on the MEB platform. Carsten Intra, head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, explains that “a Multivan has to be much more comfortable and sophisticated [than the Transporter]. That’s why now we have two lineups.

The manager has also confirmed that the Caravelle/Transporter will be offered in electric versions. How will it then differ from the ID? Buzz? A priori, the latter will be comparatively more expensive, since its retro-futuristic design, its touring platform, and its greater range (the Caravelle/Transporter will remain at about 380 km WLTP) will allow it to be one step above within the range, as is the case with the Multivan.

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