Mazda is working on an electric MX-5 but insists on blocking change

Mazda will electrify its entire range of models by 2030. This implies that one of its most iconic cars will also ‘jump through the hoop’ of incorporating this technology very soon.

One of the most emblematic cars on the current market is, without a doubt, the Mazda MX-5Its short dimensions and its fun car concept have made it, on its own merits, the best-selling sports car in history since its birth, at the beginning of the last decade of the ’90s. With all this, its arguments have always been very basic: engine naturally aspirated gasoline engine, manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, retractable roof, and lightweight. However, the next few years could be decisive in altering this philosophy for the first time.

Just a few days ago we were able to talk about the Mazda MX-5 and its imminent entry into the electrified car sector since the company published a first look at what promises to be its next generation (presumably called ‘NE’). However, now new information is arriving in this regard where it is stated that the Japanese brand already sees an electric future in the small sports car.

Mazda is already studying a zero-emission ‘Miata’

Mazda does not turn its back on the current market trend, even in models as charismatic and particular as the MX-5. Electrification will be the next step for the automotive industry, something that all cars that want to stay alive will have to swallow.

From Top Gear, they have interviewed with Kato Matsue, head of Mazda Propulsion System Development. Asked about the near future of the Miata in terms of electrification, he responded that “that is a possibility,” adding that “the main markets for the MX-5 are Europe, the United States and Japan. Japan is a little behind on this, but market demand is shifting towards electrification. So we have to think about that.”

Mazda MX-5

Matsue added a reflection in which he assimilated that “By 2030, all our products will have some electrification. That means that the sports car will not be outside that concept. But I can’t say exactly when we will introduce a battery in the MX-5, for now, “Today, it would be a difficult element to fit under the lightweight philosophy of the Japanese sports car since electrifying the model would mean extra weight that could mean the definitive break with this philosophy.

Currently, Mazda has its philosophy in pursuit of the electrification of its models, because although many enjoy the ECO rating from the DGT, some do so thanks to a Mild-Hybrid system. Today, the Mazda range has a single 100% electric model, the MX-30.

For its part, the MX-5 in its current generation will more than likely be on the market for more than a decade, since its launch took place in 2015 and the new generation is not expected to begin sales. in 2025, if not much later. Be that as it may, it is more than likely that at the next Tokyo Motor Show, many secrets will be revealed through the concept that will be unveiled at the event.

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