McLaren Artura: First Look & Photos

Make a note of this name: McLaren Artura 2021. This is what the new McLaren plug-in hybrid will be called, a new supercar developed thanks to the technology that the brand has accumulated for more than half a century and that will be helped by the experience accumulated with the McLaren P1 and Speedtail. Of course, although the Artura is expected to be a high-performance hybrid (HPH, for its acronym in English), it will not reach the level of the aforementioned models and will be one notch below in terms of performance (and price, of course).

In other words, the 2021 McLaren Artura will be McLaren’s first series production hybrid supercar. At this point, it is logical to ask what type of propulsion system the Artura will mount, right? Well, everything indicates that the McLaren hybrids of the future will replace the current V8 block with a three-liter Biturbo V6 whose power will be about 600 hp, as we told you in this article a few months ago and that you can consult below.

The fact that the brand uses electrification through the use of rechargeable batteries will add weight to the whole. But McLaren assures that the reduction of the number of cylinders of the engine and other elements of the car will compensate for those numbers. And we all know that the performance of an electric motor is better than that of a combustion one, so I am sure that the 2021 McLaren Artura will deliver a spectacular performance.

McLaren Artura 2021, a completely new car

Although in the photos that McLaren has shown us, you can hardly see the final design of the Artura, you can see the typical rear grill in which two exhaust outlets are located, as in current models. Thus, everything seems to indicate that the design of the McLaren Artura 2021 will be innovative but not revolutionary since it will maintain aesthetic patterns similar to those of current models. So how can you be sure that this is a completely new car?

In the words of Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive, “Every element of the Artura is completely new, from the architecture of the platform and hybrid powertrain to the exterior bodywork, interior and driver interface; but it builds on decades of McLaren experience as a pioneer in road and racing car technology. Well, the car is new even on the outside, but it will keep the DNA of the brand both mechanically and aesthetically.

The first McLaren plug-in hybrid in history

The 2021 McLaren Artura will be the first McLaren plug-in hybrid in history, so it will be able to circulate in fully electric mode, as is already the case with the Ferrari SF90. Also, if it reaches 40 km of autonomy in electric mode it will be able to wear the zero label of the DGT. McLaren assures that the electric motor will not only have that function but will also allow enjoying higher torque at low revs to offer spectacular acceleration.

McLaren Artura
McLaren Artura

What the brand has confirmed is that the 2021 McLaren Artura will have the usual carbon fiber monocoque called “McLaren Carbon Lightweight”, as well as that it can begin to be reserved at the brand’s dealerships. Its arrival on the market is expected in the first half of 2021, so we will have to wait a short time to see it in action.

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