Ferrari Purosangue: The Italian SUV Ready!

Among supporters and detractors, Ferrari will launch its first model for the SUV segment. With that simple fact, the so-called "Purosangue" is of great expectation.

Being the first SUV model of a traditional sports and competition car brand, the Ferrari Purosangue is quite a show. Its premiere is stipulated to occur in 2022, but we could be in for a surprise, and the model would debut before the end of this year. 

It was an area hitherto unexplored by the Maranello firm, which in the end became necessary to venture by adding a sports utility standard to its product portfolio. Other sports car manufacturers like Maserati and Lamborghini have done so, notably helping with sales and profits. 

But things will not stay in the Purosangue, since days ago it was reported that Ferrari would have two more SUVs in their hands that would also arrive with new ‘zero emissions’ propulsion systems. If so, the vehicles will be revealed in 2024 and 2026 each. 

Ferrari Purosangue This is how it would look 

It was in 2019 that the first data and news about the next Ferrari Purosangue SUV appeared. Since then, practically only the name was known and despite this, some designers were already beginning to speculate about its external appearance. 

Ferrari Purosangue
Ferrari Purosangue

But in October 2020, the vehicle was finally seen “live and direct”, while performing urban tests. These images were used for two things, the first, to assume that the project is in a fairly advanced stage, and the second, to pose renderings with more precision. 

And it is precisely the images that we wanted to share in this article, which, thanks to the creative mind of SRK Designs,  which we consider offer us the most accurate and realistic version of the future Purosangue. Here we see an SUV with elegant lines, without losing the sporty essence of its brand. 

With a long body, its front and bonnet are promising, a pointed boot, and a spoiler cut on the roof that maintains the same visual dynamics. The distinctive black trim runs along with the bodywork, and the headlight assembly upfront is slim almost vertically. 

That on the outside. Now, on the little data that we have about the properties of the new Ferrari SUV, it is known that within its mechanical offer there will be V6, V8, and V12 engines, and among these an electrified, plug-in hybrid alternative

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