Kia CV 2021: Already Has A Release Date

Kia is preparing everything for the arrival of the long-awaited electric CV. This vehicle will hit the European market in September and the firm expects it to quickly become its best-selling zero-emission model.

Kia has prepared for this year a protagonist who will stand out above the rest of the Korean firm’s models, both electric and thermal. Now, the so far known as ” Kia CV ” will be one of the first of the company to use the modular platform of the Hyundai e-GMP group.

That said, the new electric Kia CV  will hit the European market in September. It should be noted that the company is hopeful about this model, so much so that it believes that it will quickly become its best-selling zero-emission vehicle.

Thus, Emilio Herrera, Kia’s Director of Operations in Europe, confirmed the launch date of this new and long-awaited vehicle. Also, he mentioned that they expect this model to exceed its current zero emissions in the Old Continent. 

What is known so far?

Now, Kia has the idea of ​​betting on electric mobility in the coming years. So, the firm intends to launch nine electric models, of which seven will hit the market before 2027 and the Kia CV will be the first.

Kia CV 2021
Kia CV 2021

Thus, the Director of Operations of Kia revealed that apparently, the Kia CV will range between 10,000 and 15,000 units sold in Europe in 2021, from September to December. Also, he risked commenting that this model could quickly surpass the e-Niro and e-Soul in this market.

It should be remembered that the e-Soul in Europe barely exceeds 8,000 units, while the e-Niro model does enjoy popularity in this same territory. Thus, this model closed 2020 with 31,019 vehicles sold, an increase of 208% compared to 2019.

Kia CV 2021 Engine

Then the new Kia CV will feature Hyundai’s new platform for electric models, the e-GMP, which promises more range and shorter recharge times. The arrival of a small electric urban, similar to the current Kia Picanto, was also confirmed.

However, the model mentioned above will not include the e-GMP platform, as this technology is intended for larger models. That is, it will be in compacts, SUVs, crossovers, and even vans.

It is important to mention that the new models built in this architecture will be able to load up to powers of 350 kW. Thus, your batteries will have the possibility of going from 10 to 80% of their charge capacity in 18 minutes. 

At the moment, Kia has only shown a dark teaser about its new electric CV, which could be between a mid-gear crossover, compact, SUV and with the air of a coupe. At the moment we are waiting for the firm to reveal all the details of this promising vehicle for the company.

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