Mercedes-AMG GT 2022: First Look & Photos

At Mercedes, we are not content to prepare a radical Black Series version for the Mercedes-AMG GT. The next generation of this super sports car is also being refined more discreetly, and this time it will have to share its underwear with the future SL.

Much more accessible than the SLR and SLS, the AMG GT has dared to tackle its majesty head-on, the 911. With a success certainly much more modest than that of the Porsche icon, the price of a smaller range, the absence of rear seats … and a necessarily less established image. But the sales figures were nevertheless sufficient to encourage Mercedes to continue the adventure, with the arrival of a second-generation by 2022. Side look, despite refined optics, is rather a continuity that should primer, with a predilection for curves and an ever-endless bonnet.

Mild rather than plug-in hybridization

Proportions that also result from the choice to keep a large V8 4.0 at the front, at a time when rumors of a switch to four-cylinder for the future Mercedes-AMG C 63 seem more and more credible. To reduce its CO2 emissions a little, the Mercedes-AMG GT should still adopt a light hybridization, with a 48-volt network and a small electric motor acting as an alternator-starter. But the possibility of recharging from the mains was quickly ruled out to avoid increasing the weight too much. On the other hand, our colleagues from Autocar evoke the arrival of an all-wheel-drive which will necessarily add a few kilos if the information proves to be correct.

The new SL on the same basis

Mercedes-AMG GT 2022

To counter this overweight, the second Mercedes-AMG GT of the name will remain made of aluminum. It will indeed employ an evolution of the current generation platform rather than an entirely new base. But this time, he will have to learn to share since these foundations will also be used for the future SL, planned for 2021 (below). As with the CLS and AMG-GT “four-door coupe”, Mercedes, therefore, does not seem afraid of this tightrope walk exercise which consists of offering two models in the same niche of the market.

An Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series as a final touch

But the Mercedes SL 2021 roadster will count on its small rear seats, its more reasonable engines, and its more polished temperament to make the difference, even if its close relative will also be available, a few months after the coupe, as a roadster with a canvas top. In the meantime, the current Mercedes-AMG GT has not said its last word. It even gives us a real final touch, in the form of an imminent Black Series version, to say the least radical.

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