Mercedes-Benz shows more images of the highly anticipated EQG

The electric Mercedes EQG is practically ready for series production. Before that, the brand showed us some new images of the final model. The Mercedes EQG has been released in teasers for about a year. So much so that the company already presented its first concept model at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. Now, more than two years later, the final model is about to complete its development stage. For this reason, the star’s firm has published new images of one of the most anticipated electric SUVs in the sector.

The new images of the EQG have been published through the official Mercedes-Benz X account. In his post, you can read the following text: “The electric G-Class combines the best of all worlds: sophistication and advanced electrical technology while remaining a true G.” Although it is true that Mercedes still keeps practically all of the EQG’s specifications a secret, in aesthetic terms there may be few secrets left to reveal.

An authentic electric G-Class

In general terms, you could say that the Mercedes EQG leaves no room for doubt: it is an authentic G-Class. Its rough and very square lines will continue to be present in the new zero-emission variant of the model. The current generation will be the base on which all the foundations of the all-terrain vehicle are based, so much so that there are hardly any aesthetic differences between one version or another, beyond a completely faired grille.

Mercedes EQG

Likewise, at the rear of the model there is a striking box where, until now, the spare wheel was located. At the moment, its purpose is not known, although everything indicates that it will be a small drawer to store the vehicle’s charging cables. Among other specific elements, the EQG will incorporate tires specially designed to achieve better aerodynamics.

Although the details regarding the interior design are still unknown, it is expected that Mercedes will incorporate renewed elements concerning the current generation of the model with thermal mechanics. Among them will be a new steering wheel or more generous infotainment screens. Everything will be much closer to the design language used by the company for models like the EQS, for example.

Mercedes EQG

The same happens in its mechanical terms, where there are no concrete details published by the company. However, it is known that the EQG will mount a scheme of up to four electric motors, which have already made clear their ability to rotate the vehicle on itself. These will be powered by a powerful battery and new silicon anode chemistry that promises to improve the energy density of the set by between 20% and 40%.

The Mercedes EQG should be officially presented during the first months of 2024, while its mass production and marketing are scheduled for the end of the same year or the beginning of 2025. Its starting price is still completely unknown although it is not expected to be affordable For most pockets.

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