Mercedes confirms its next favorite electric small SUV

In the same presentation in which Mercedes-Benz has shown the world its CLA Concept, which anticipates what the evolution of this model will be like towards a fully electric configuration, they have made an even more interesting announcement: the German brand has confirmed that they are working on a Smaller Mercedes G-Class. And when we say ‘smaller’ we don’t know exactly how much, because they have chosen to keep all the secrets about this launch, but at least there are a series of key details that we can go on.

We have known for quite some time that the Mercedes EQG is on the way, that it will mean the transition to a fully electric configuration of its legendary SUV, the current Mercedes G-Class, and that it will maintain its robust and classic appearance. In addition, the brand itself has been in charge of uncovering that it will continue to be a pure SUV with cutting-edge technology, both for its motor configuration and for its innovative battery. But now, in addition, they have revealed that they have a project on the way and that it will be a smaller version of this same model. A small G-Class that, of course, will also be fully electric and will seek to convince a different audience with a lower price than the Mercedes EQG that we were already looking forward to.

The Mercedes EQG will have a smaller and cheaper version

The only thing that they have officially advanced from Mercedes-Benz is that, indeed, they are working on a ‘Little G’, that is, a smaller version of the Mercedes EQG. And also, with a small teaser, they have confirmed the robust silhouette of this next model. So we can rest assured that it will maintain that classic design that has already been advanced by the Mercedes EQG. On the other hand, it will have an electric powertrain and, predictably, benefits that position it below the Mercedes EQG.

Mercedes Small Electric SUV teaser

Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kallenius has only confirmed that this model will retain the character of the G-Class and condense it into a smaller format. But we don’t yet know critical technical data about this launch, such as whether it will be based on the same platform as the Mercedes EQG. And above all, what battery technology is it going to use, From what we know so far it is where the Mercedes EQG will innovate the most and, predictably, where the German brand is going to cut production costs the least.

If the small G-Class seeks to be a cheaper option compared to the Mercedes EQG, it may not be enough to have a smaller battery due to its energy storage capacity, and you will also have to opt for a cheaper chemistry such as a conventional NCM battery. , or even a battery pack with LFP cells. Although it would be frankly strange that with this model, as much as it will be cheaper than the ‘full-size’ Mercedes EQG, the brand decides to downgrade it so aggressively in performance.

Mercedes EQG

At the moment it has not been revealed when it will hit the market, but we do know that the Mercedes EQG is scheduled to launch in 2024, specifically for the second half of next year. So it is clear that this model will arrive later, and a priori waiting for it before the year 2025 seems too hasty. Until they reveal what its approximate dimensions will be, it is difficult to advance what it will face, but what is certain is that we know that the Land Rover Defender will also have a small version, which will be called Defender Sport, and that it will arrive in the year 2027 with a fully electric motor configuration.

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