Mercedes EQS: New Render & Start Of Sales

In spring 2021, the time has come for Mercedes to electrify its luxury sedan. The Mercedes EQS is said to have an enormous range and wants to make Tesla’s Model S dispute with its customers. We have new Render pictures and current information for you – especially what the new infotainment with the MBUX Hyperscreen has to offer.

The name EQS leaves no doubt that Mercedes is about to launch an S-Class with an electric drive. A luxury sedan that is locally emission-free will be the top model in the EQ family. So it fits only too well that the EQS will be the first model in the EQ family to receive the MBUX Hyperscreen – a digital dashboard – presented at the digital CES on January 7, 2021.

The study of the model with the name “Vision EQS” celebrated its world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt 2019, now we don’t have to wait too long for the series model. If you are interested in other electric cars, you can save money on buying a new car thanks to the innovation bonus.

Prices and the start of sales

It is still unclear when the EQS will be available for order. The electric sedan is set to celebrate its premiere in spring 2021. A performance at the Geneva Motor Show in March was probably planned – this is canceled due to the pandemic, but the performance will certainly be moved to the Internet. Prices are not yet known, but the top model will certainly not be cheap.


The EQS uses the new modular electrical architecture from Mercedes. Thanks to a newly developed battery and the aerodynamic shape of the EQS, Mercedes has a range of 700 kilometers.

It is not yet known what performance we can expect. The EQC gets 408 hp and 765 Nm maximum torque. The EQS should be above that, we estimate that it will get around 500 hp. Intelligent all-wheel drive should also be offered – albeit perhaps only as an option.

Mercedes EQS Exterior design

The pictures show the EQS still in strong camouflage, but what can be seen is a rather large tailgate. The rear window seems to be locked and it extends into the roof.

Overall, the roofline is flat, the window line is slightly curved and the windows are also noticeable. Because these seem to taper sharply forward, which reinforces the coupé-like shape of the EQS. The windows are frameless and we assume that, as with the current S-Class, extendable but also normal door handles are possible.

The headlights also peek out from under the camouflage film and tell us that their shape will probably be quite narrow and that they should reach far into the fenders. All in all, the EQS is very flat and the nose is already very low, which also runs through the entire vehicle.

Mercedes EQS Interior

It is not yet entirely clear what the interior of the EQS will look like, but the digital dashboard, the MBUX Hyperscreen, presented at the digital CES is probably much more interesting. As you can see in the pictures, there will be no classic dashboard in the EQS, but a glass surface that consists of a total of three screens, but looks as if it were made of one piece. The hyper screen should be easy and intuitive to use and, in addition to lots of high-tech, shouldn’t forget emotions.

The ventilation nozzles have been integrated into the glass surface. They have a classic turbine design but are no longer haptically available as turbines. The three-part division of the hyper screen consists of the central screen, the speedometer unit, and a separate control unit for the front passenger. To be able to customize the screen, it is possible to create up to seven profiles. If you don’t put it on, an animation of moving Mercedes stars appears as shown in the pictures – very classy.

That a Mercedes is elegant and classy is no secret. But what makes the hyper screen seem so mysterious is the OLED technology. There is no background lighting, but the individual pixels light up themselves. This avoids edges and gives the screen an even better touch.

To differentiate the new MBUX Hyperscreen from the current infotainment in terms of color, it was decided to use a blue-orange color scheme, which should also be based on the electric drive. The first operating level already shows the most important functions, so searching in hidden submenus is a thing of the past. The highlight: The most important functions are not rigidly defined and the same for everyone, but in the EQS an artificial intelligence learns the behavior and preferences of the driver and adjusts the menu items individually depending on the context.

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