Mercedes EQS SUV: On the road in 2022

The EQS sedan has a taller and more robust brother but with the same base that will result in more than 650 km of autonomy. It will arrive in 2022.

New details and new images of the Mercedes EQS SUV are in our news. As we have seen in the last year the Mercedes EQ electric family does not stop growing and after the current Mercedes EQC, it prepares a good number of 100% electric models among which we have already seen a Mercedes EQA, EQB, EQE, a new generation of the EQC even on the way and of course the jewel in the crown, the EQS, an elegant and futuristic electric saloon already anticipated with its concept and that we have already seen rolling in its final version.

However, what will be Mercedes’ most luxurious electric will not arrive alone, because, in addition to having a sedan body, it will also have an SUV variant that our spies have just hunted in their first tests in a snowy environment. They already dare to give it an official name that could not be more descriptive and simple: Mercedes EQS SUV.

Mercedes EQS SUV Drive Range

This new model, as its name suggests, will have the same base as the saloon, that is, the new Mercedes EVA platform created specifically for electric models, something that will make a difference with models like the current EQC, even with a platform derived from a combustion model. This will allow its advantages as electric to be adapted much more, resulting in a range of more than 650 km.

So this EQS SUV will land like its sedan equivalent with an exterior size not particularly bulky, but with a much larger car interior. It is also expected that the main features of the Vision EQS that we met in 2019 will be transferred to the new SUV proportions, maintaining, as these first photos show, a torn look that merges with a modern centerpiece with the big star. three-pointed.

However, if we take into account these first images, this EQS SUV already reveals more dynamic than for example those of the EQC, with a silhouette halfway between an SUV and a minivan. Its main rivals will be models such as the Tesla Model X, the BMW iNext, or the future Cadillac Lyriq.

According to our spies, this Mercedes EQS SUV will land on the market in 2022 as Model Year 2023, just a year after the EQS sedan that will be presented as an electric version of the new S-Class. They will be the first additions to a family that, as we have already told, will be filled with members in the coming years.

Photo; Avarvarii

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