Mercedes EQT Luxury Electric Minivan Revealed

The range of Mercedes camper vans has a new 100% electric member. The possibility of the German firm putting on the market an alternative to access the family of more adventurous models had already been rumored in recent months. Now, finally, they have revealed the first approach to the production of the Mercedes EQT Marco Polo, since the brand has so far presented a prototype vehicle.

Last April, Mercedes revealed all the secrets of its new passenger-enabled van, which, in turn, was a more refined version of the Mercedes Citan. At the time of the presentation of the T-Class, the German firm assured that the EQT would still delay its arrival since its development was not complete. With this first approach, the firm has made public that reservations for the Mercedes EQT will open from the beginning of 2023, while the final version of the Marco Polo variant will be revealed at the end of the same year.

Mercedes places the EQT Marco Polo in the “micro camper” sector due to its small size, even though it presents an infinite number of interior possibilities. The conceptual model presented here is based on the EQT long wheelbase and offers a whole arsenal of personal equipment items, such as a drop-down roof to accommodate a bed with dimensions of 1.97 meters long by 0.97 meters wide. The folding system is automatic and provides extra space for its users to stand inside the electric caravan.

At the rear, there is an additional structure in which the second bed of somewhat more generous measurements is accommodated, as it reaches 2 meters in length by 1.15 meters in width. At the time it is collected, the cabin will form a mobile room with a kitchen or other accessories.

In the second row, just behind the driver’s seat, there is a built-in washbasin or sink with a 12-liter water tank together with a 16-liter compressor fridge. There is also enough space to fit a complete kitchen unit, a table to eat at when it is raining outside, as well as a convenient sofa that runs along the entire left side of the cabin.

Mercedes EQT

Under the aforementioned large table, there is a cabinet with drawers, which contain enough space to store camping accessories or household items. Additionally, the kitchen has an induction hob and a pull-out drawer with a gas hob, so this electric camper has two cooking options.

Mercedes claims that all interior furniture can be easily removed by two people in less than 5 minutes. In this way, the EQT Marco Polo can also be used as a daily use vehicle, just like a conventional electric EQT.

Mercedes EQT

One of the best sections of this electric van will be its short dimensions ( 4,498 mm long, 1,859 mm wide, and 1,819 mm high ) since it will have no problem in this regard to be stored in a parking lot or entering the center of any city. As we have already mentioned, this prototype is based on the long-wheelbase EQT, although the brand will additionally market a version based on the short-wheelbase electric van.

Mercedes EQT

Externally, the electric van is instantly recognizable as a member of the EQ family. On the front, it has the classic fully faired grille finished in glossy black with the star logo in the center. Access to the rear seats is through sliding doors on each side of the model. Unlike other members of the EQ range, the EQT Marco Polo does not have the classic rear light signature in which the two headlights are joined by an LED strip. In this case, the aesthetic is much more similar to the current Mercedes T-Class.

Mercedes EQT interior

By the time the Mercedes EQT Marco Polo hits the market, it will be available with an electric motor with 122 hp and 245 Nm of maximum torque. The lithium-ion battery is stored under the van floor and has a capacity of 45 kWh. The model can be charged at a maximum power of 80 kW in direct current, and 22 kW in alternating current. The charging socket is located on the front, under the Mercedes emblem. At the moment, a specific figure for electric range has not been approved, nor has the price at which it will reach the market.

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