Mobilize Duo closed cabin and 140 km of range

More than a decade after the launch of the Twizy, Renault has presented its successor: the Mobilize Duo, an electric quadricycle that will not be sold directly to users but will be offered under a subscription service (as well as through carsharing companies). like ZITY).

The Renault Group estimates that, by 2030, its mobility company Mobilize will account for 30% of its annual turnover. In addition to innovative vehicles such as the Duo, this new division will also be responsible for marketing charging stations, offering transportation services, and managing vehicle remanufacturing programs.

The Mobilize Duo maintains the body format of the Renault Twizy; that is to say, it is a two-seater with tandem seats and ultra-compact dimensions: it is 2.43 meters long, 1.30 meters wide and 1.46 meters high. Therefore, it is an ideal vehicle for large European cities such as Barcelona or Madrid.

According to Mobilize, the Duo can be parked perpendicular to the sidewalk, which will allow three of them to occupy space equivalent to that of a conventional car. Like its predecessor, it has scissor-opening doors, a solution that seeks to facilitate the entry and exit of the vehicle in narrow parking lots.

Mobilize Duo

The Mobilize Duo will launch in late 2023

Its tubular structure gives great resistance to the bodywork, whose panels are made of unpainted plastic. The lights are LED type to improve efficiency. Unlike the Twizy, the doors of the Duo include windows (in fact, they are completely glazed), so its cabin is isolated from the outside. This has forced us to include a ventilation system, which was not present in the Renault either. At the end of their useful life, 95% of the vehicle parts can be recycled; In addition, 50% of them are of recycled origin.

While the Twizy had a Cargo version specially designed for transporting goods, the Duo will go a step further with the commercial Bento variant, which will replace the rear seat with a huge 700-liter box. The Mobilize Bento will be ideal for last-mile urban transport, parcel services, and home delivery…

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