Nissan confirms the cheap and fun electric sports car

In Nissan’s long history as a brand, there have been many sports cars that have been launched on the market. Now, faced with their new electric stage, they seek to offer a more youthful point of view. When we talk about sports cars or supercars, one of the most relevant data is power. The larger that number is, the higher the sensations are, or, at least, that is what is assumed. However, a car doesn’t need a lot of power to be fun because it’s not a question of how much I have, but rather how much I can get out of it. Nissan, faced with its new electric stage, wants to recover a concept as basic as that of the sports utility vehicle. A car with batteries that is cheap and fun to drive to sell to new generations. It will be combined with the new affordable range that they have already announced.

Let’s face it, today young people have less interest in cars. Youth are more concerned about the latest mobile phone or the latest social network. Mobility has changed a lot in a short time and for the city, it is not necessary to have a car or have a driving license. It is also true that the market has become gentrified. Segments A and B, always focused on more novice drivers, have gained qualities, have become more refined, and, consequently, more expensive and boring. They have more technology, yes, but they have lost that essence of fun and debauchery.

Nissan wants to have three electric sports cars in the range

A company like Nissan has always opted to offer a wide range of products to its customers, from the small Micra, which barely has international relevance, to the almighty Nissan GT-R, long discontinued. The Japanese are not capable of satisfying the bases and, therefore, they plan to recover that sporty and youthful legacy under the body of an electric car. At least, that is what Iván Espinosa, senior vice president of Global Planning at Nissan, has acknowledged to the well-known English portal TopGear. “I think automakers, in general, have forgotten about the passion for cars.”

Nissan Hyper Force

If we review Nissan’s sporting legacy, we can recognize great models such as the Fairlady, the 240Z, the 300 ZX, the most recent 370Z, or some successful preparations from the Nismo department. This means that the Japanese are experts in generating sensations behind the wheel, but, for now, with the arrival of electricity, they have not wanted to bet on it. The Nissan LEAF and the Nissan Ariya are the only two electric models in the house. At the last Tokyo Mobility Show, they showed that they were working on more electric products, including two SUVs, a minivan, and a menacing sports car that will take over from the GT-R.

Nissan Hyper Force

Another problem with electrification is the price. Even for many adults, it is difficult to access electric mobility, much more so if we are talking about young people who barely have any income. Combining performance, sensations, electric mobility, and a reasonable price is complicated if not impossible, but Nissan believes it can do it. He has not specified when or how this cheap, youthful sports car will arrive. In Europe, they have already confirmed that they will be a 100% electric brand in 2030. Espinosa himself has acknowledged that his dream is to have three sports models in the range, a GT-R, a Z, and a basic car with its corresponding Nismo variant.

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