Nissan Juke will be an electric SUV priced under 30,000 euros

Recently, Nissan announced its intention to become a 100% electric brand in the European market by 2030. For this reason, in the coming years, the company will replace its models with zero-emission proposals, with its last car with an internal combustion engine on the old continent expected to be the Qashqai.

One of the first to be transformed will be the Micra, whose sixth generation will share development with the Renault 5. It will be manufactured at the French Douai plant, owned by the diamond firm, and will sport a design inspired by the third generation (2002-2010). , which was characterized by its rounded and bulbous shapes.

Thanks to the CMF-B EV platform, it will be a relatively affordable car (it is estimated that prices for the R5 will start below 25,000 euros before aid). Above will be the renewed LEAF, which will sit on the CMF-EV of the Ariya and Renault Mégane E-TECH. Unlike its predecessor, which is a hatchback, it will adopt a crossover aesthetic.

According to the British media Auto Express, the next Nissan Juke will also give up internal combustion engines. Just as the Micra will be the brother of the R5, the Japanese SUV will be derived from the next Renault 4; therefore, it will also use the CMF-B EV platform. If it moves within the same price range, it should cost less than 30,000 euros before aid.

Nissan Juke

The new Nissan Juke will be the brother of the Renault 4

Gilles le Borgne, technical director of Renault, has already confirmed the use of NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) batteries for this model, to the detriment of the more affordable LFP (lithium-fluorophosphate) batteries that the competition is betting on. “The next LEAF, the next Juke, the next Micra, the [Renault] 5 and the [Renault] 4 will maintain this chemistry. “

It is not ruled out that, like the R4, the new Juke will enjoy versions with all-wheel drive, since the CMF-B (and therefore the CMF-B EV) supports the use of an electrified rear axle. This would also open the door to a hypothetical high-performance Nismo variant, although we must not lose sight of the fact that the Alpine A290 (the high-performance version of the R5) will be front-wheel drive.

Given that both the LEAF and the Ariya will have a “coupe” SUV profile, the Juke may give up this format, adopting a more boxy appearance; Not in vain, it could share a structure with the R4. Its length will continue to be around 4.2 meters.

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