Nissan will launch 19 electric cars from 2025

Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida announced the Japanese firm’s commitment to a diversified powertrain strategy in which the company will invest in both internal combustion and electric vehicles. In the history of the electric car, Nissan has saved a very important chapter by being one of the pioneers in launching a global model that has become an icon of electric mobility.

Nissan, together with Tesla and Renault, have been the most responsible for us being where we are today. But time passes and the Japanese have rested on their laurels. The Leaf has been slow to receive a replacement, the Ariya, which has found itself in a very competitive market in which it is not standing out. Now, Nissan looks around and exposes a strategy that does not completely renounce combustion.

Nissan offered dealers a glimpse of its future product line-up, both electric and internal combustion, and unveiled an ambitious data-driven retail model that calls for greater sharing of customer information between dealers and the factory to improve the customer experience. customer.

The new retail model aims to “create an ecosystem where customers love Nissan and buy Nissan for brand value,” the firm’s head of North American Sales and Marketing, Michael Colleran, told Automotive News at a meeting in Las Vegas with 3,000 executives and dealer managers from across the Americas region. Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida outlined the diversified powertrain strategy and talked about accelerating new product development timelines.

Nissan Ariya

New electric cars 

The offensive will start in 2025. The company plans to launch 27 electrified vehicles worldwide by 2030, including 19 100% electric electric cars. He also announced the arrival in the US market of e-Power technology, already present in Europe and, for a decade, in Japan.

Of those 19 electric cars, Nissan presented three concepts that will become a reality in the second half of the decade: a crossover coupe that replaces the Leaf, which will offer 25% more range; a high-performance saloon that could replace the Maxima, and a small SUV, based on the CMF-EV platform, which today underpins the Ariya.

The heritage of combustion, with a little electrification

Nissan showed off two crossovers, the next-generation Kicks and Murano, and a larger SUV, the Armada, with a 424PS twin-turbo V6 engine and nine-speed transmission.

Nissan Ariya

To compete with hybrid models from other companies, Nissan is betting on the e-Power series hybrid technology introduced in Japan in 2016, which uses a battery-powered electric motor to drive a vehicle’s wheels and a gasoline engine to charge. Battery. The latter is not connected to the wheels. After offering it in his native country and Europe, it will now also come to the US.

Solid batteries

Details about the solid-state batteries that Nissan is developing were also revealed. Pilot production will begin at its Yokohama plant next year. They will be thinner and smaller than the current ones. They will double the range and energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries. They will also increase the charging power: to 160 km in 15 minutes. 

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