Will Tesla sacrifice quality to make the Model 3 Highland cheaper?

Although Tesla is trying hard to keep secrets about its impending Tesla Model 3 Highland, the truth is that a huge amount of information about it has already leaked. We know that its design will be more similar to the Tesla Roadster, as shown in the images that accompany this article, and above all, we know that it will be much cheaper than the current one, which can be purchased from just under $28,000. Come on, that is going to put the MG 4 in a bind, and that is thanks to several very clever tricks that the company has devised to reduce its production costs. And no, this has nothing to do with lowering the quality of the car.

Tesla has already shown itself as a benchmark in the optimization of its production processes. That is what has allowed them to lower prices a lot and put their rivals against the ropes with both the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Model 3. But it is that the Tesla Model 3 Highland is going to take this concept to another level. But how are they going to do it? Well, actually, in several ways, and each one is more intelligent than the previous one. Thanks to its design, its engine, its battery, its interior construction, and a long list of key details.

It will be much cheaper to buy and produce without sacrificing the slightest quality

Tesla has a new rare earth-free engine that they showed the world at the beginning of the year that is cheaper, but also more efficient. This engine will reduce costs and, above all, improve the performance of the Tesla Model 3 Highland. So we already have a first key point. The second is the battery, which this time will not be an LFP battery in its simplest versions, but a new M3P battery made by CATL, which is economical like LFPs but has better energy density than LFPs. So again, better features but a contained production cost to be able to sell the Highland cheaper.

Now the basics of the range will have 66 kWh of energy storage capacity instead of 60 kWh and, with this, it is expected that the Tesla Model 3 Highland will approach 370 miles (600 km) of range in the WLTP approval cycle. Which, again, will give Tesla a clear competitive advantage over its rivals. And, without a doubt, having a more adjusted price, will be a major problem for the MG 4. Let’s remember that its basic version costs about 20,000 euros, yes, but with 350 km and without critical things like the heat pump.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Another point where Tesla has opted for a smart solution to reduce its production costs and make the Tesla Model 3 Highland an even cheaper electric car than the current one, is in the construction of the interior. First of all, because several parts of your passenger compartment are going to be simplified. That is to say, instead of using several pieces for the dashboard, for example, a single larger piece is going to be used with simpler shapes, so that it is cheaper to manufacture and, nevertheless, the reliability is not compromised at all. quality.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

In this same cabin, in addition, it will choose to eliminate physical levers and buttons such as the horn, the turn signals, the windshield wiper, or the one corresponding to the gear selector. All of this will disappear from your current position to go behind the wheel or touch screen, so fewer and cheaper parts will be used. And that, effectively, translates into lower production costs and, ultimately, which is what we are interested in, in an electric car that is just as good, or even better, but much cheaper than the current Tesla Model 3.

Lynda Reeder

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