Skoda Vision 7S Electric SUV With 600 km Range

The Czech Republic they have structured a strategy that, in addition to modifying its aesthetics, promises three new fully electric models in 2026. It is a compact, an SUV-C, and a seven-seater model, of which we have already seen the prototype concept sketches. We are talking about the Skoda Vision 7S, a first approach to the zero-emissions era of the firm with an 89 kWh battery, a 200 kW fast recharging system, and up to 600 kilometers of range.

This 100% electric SUV is a preview of the design language that will be followed by the brand’s next zero-emission developments. There are many innovative aspects of this Skoda, starting with the Tech-Deck Face grille with flat and square but elongated shapes, which make the whole very robust and promise ample interior space.

We now see the new logo complemented by an ambient stripe down the center, stretching to the corners of the front section with welcome graphics. As a significant detail, the bumpers of the Skoda Vision 7S are made from recycled tires and the removable hooks are the Flashy Orange color that we also see inside.

It also debuts a T-shaped light signature for both optical groups, front, and rear. From its elongated and forceful silhouette, the 22-inch aerodynamic wheels stand out, as well as the triangular D-pillar that provides a distinctive and unique design to this prototype. It is finished off with a small sport-cut spoiler, which further accentuates the vertical cut of the tailgate.

Skoda Vision 7S

Nor can we ignore the curious air outlets between the wheel arches and the side skirts, which also serve as running boards to get into the car. The tone, halfway between matte and metallic, is called Explorer Green, which we also see in its cabin.

Skoda Vision 7S Interior

A spacious interior welcomes us to a careful, symmetrical space with an enveloping design. The technology, starring the central 14.6-inch touch screen, coexists in a very coherent way with sustainable materials and the perfect incidence of ambient light.

Skoda Vision 7S

In addition, the fabrics distributed throughout the space have been made with 100% recycled polyester threads with futuristic nods such as the suicide doors and the placement of a child seat in the central position, between the front and rear seats, to offer the space safer for our babies.

Since this is a vehicle of the future, you will have two driving options: drive and relax. In the first, we will take control of a retractable steering wheel, the second bets on autonomous driving and uses the screens for entertainment.

Skoda Vision 7S

The rotating function of the central screen is vital to differentiate both states of the driver, being placed in an upright position during human circulation. The two-spoke steering wheel sports the new logo in the center and provides sufficient visibility to the 8.8-inch instrument display.

Skoda Vision 7S

With the push of a button relaxation mode is activated, and the steering wheel and the instrument panel move away and create a larger space for the left front seat. The first-row seats swivel slightly, widening the field of vision for second-row passengers.

To achieve a relatively natural connection with the car, Škoda has carefully studied the usability of its screens and menus, introducing intuitive haptic keys for the most frequently used functions.

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