Suzuki Jimny 2023: With 5 doors and a hybrid engine

The  Suzuki Jimny has been a success for the Japanese brand. So much so that they had to temporarily withdraw it and transform it into a professional vehicle – due to the regulations against emissions. But since its launch, it has been a  ‘whim car’ that at last, as we are going to tell you below,  will soon have a 5-door version. In addition, this long Suzuki Jimny will be more interesting because it will come with hybrid mechanics. This is all we know about him at the moment.

The long Suzuki Jimny will be a new version of the model differentiated by a  longer body and, in addition, two additional doors. A much more practical option, but that will also fit more with the European market because it will have hybrid mechanics. More specifically, a  12 V mild hybrid system that will accompany the four-cylinder gasoline engine. That is to say, a simple mechanic that serves to comply with the regulations against polluting emissions, but that in no way harms the essence of this SUV.

What we know about the long Suzuki Jimny, the 5-door version of the current Suzuki Jimny

This week a series of spy photos of the long 5-door Suzuki Jimny have surfaced, effectively confirming that it will look like this, the same one shown in the design recreations that accompany this article. That is to say, it will be the same as the Suzuki Jimny that we already know, but with the difference of having two more doors and, obviously, a  longer body. All this is going to affect its abilities as an off-roader because it has a  wheelbase of 30 centimeters more than the short version.

Although it will be a longer version, the 5-door Suzuki Jimny will remain at  3.85 meters in body length. It’s still going to be a compact car and so its off-roading abilities aren’t going to be as badly affected. On the other hand, maintaining a compact body and a contained weight is also essential to keep polluting emissions under control and also be able to offer contained consumption.

Suzuki Jimny 2023

The  Suzuki Jimny 5-door is expected to be officially presented at the end of 2022, but it will not be until the next year 2023 when it begins to be marketed. Its price will be higher than the Jimny Pro, which is the one currently marketed in Spain. Although it is too soon to advance details in this regard, it is expected to be around  25,000 euros, approximately, as a starting price.

Later we will be able to know what the power that its gasoline engine with a 12 V mild hybrid system will deliver. And on the other hand, to what extent this electrification technology of its mechanics is capable of reducing consumption. In the meantime, all that remains is to wait and cross your fingers so that you don’t have supply problems again. The current Jimny had months to wait for customer deliveries.

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