Tesla has already produced hundreds of new Model 3 Highland

The Shanghai Gigafactory has already gotten to work with the production of the new Tesla Model 3. Mass production leaves hundreds of units waiting to be delivered soon. The new Tesla Model 3 is set to be the big launch of this year 2023. The electric sedan was presented a few days ago with many changes in sight. New design, more equipment, renewed interior, and better range are the keys to a model that, despite having improved, maintains the rates of the previous generation. For months there has been speculation about when the first units will hit the road. Today we know that the Shanghai Gigafactory is already working at a good pace and that hundreds of units are waiting in a field to be delivered.

The Highland project says goodbye to us. After almost a year of waiting, rumors, and speculation, the renewed Model 3 closes a development marked by expectation. One of the most interesting aspects is the design. The renewed line of Tesla’s cheapest car has improved the previous style. Something that also happens behind closed doors. Although the structure is very similar, the introduction of new details makes the difference, such as, for example, the LED ambient lighting. However, there are also problems such as the steering wheel without satellite controls or the position of the gear shift that requires the installation of auxiliary buttons to operate the gearbox.

However, of course, the most important part is once again the mechanics. Although Tesla’s information is quite brief in this regard – since it is not yet known if the battery sizes that we have known until now are maintained – it is known that the ranges improve. The entry-level unit, the Model 3 RWD, advertises up to 5.54 kilometers of range. At a higher level, the Long Range Model 3 is capable of reaching 678 kilometers of approved range. A figure that positions it as one of the most autonomous and cheapest electric cars.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

In Europe, the range starts with a starting price of €39,990, the same figure as the model it leaves behind. The most expensive version raises the minimum rate to €49,990. These amounts can grow if we add different optional elements such as paints, tires, or safety and autonomous driving packages. Tesla Europe assures that the first deliveries will be made at the end of October or the beginning of November. It must be taken into account that the first territories to enjoy the new Model 3 are China and Europe. Later it will leap to North America and other places in the world.

Production, for now, is carried out exclusively at the Shanghai Gigafactory. In previous months, the plant has carried out the necessary preparation work so that, when this moment comes, everything flows normally. Such is the success of previous operations that we can already see hundreds of units crowding into fields waiting to be delivered. The bird’s-eye view video also shows that they present specific logos of the European Union, so the Old Continent may become the first territory in the world to enjoy the new Model 3.

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