Tesla will produce its $25,000 car in its Germany factory

The Tesla plant in Germany is currently responsible for manufacturing only one model, the Model Y. But according to rumors, the latest expansions that the American manufacturer is making to the facilities are intended to also accommodate the production of its next launch, its most economical proposal, in the medium term.

This was just published a few minutes ago by Reuters, which in a brief note citing anonymous internal sources, Tesla would be preparing to manufacture the so-called “$25,000 car”, or also unofficially Model 2, in its Berlin plant.

At the moment, Tesla has not commented on the news, something that is usually common for a manufacturer that prefers to hide its cards almost until the last moment. Not always clear, and we have examples like the Roadster 2.0, the Cybertruck, the Tesla Semi…

But when it comes to key projects, like the new Model 3, there is enormous secrecy only broken by sightings of test models due to the enormous monitoring of every movement in the American brand’s plants.

This will be the Tesla Model 2

Last July, statements by the governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo León, where the new Tesla factory will be built, alerted everyone that the project was more advanced than expected, with the design of the vehicle finished…

Therefore, it was a matter of little time before the technical aspect was completed, and the facilities where it would come from would begin to be prepared. Facilities that were initially thought to be those of Mexico, but now it seems that Tesla will once again locate its manufacturing as close as possible to each market. Mexico for North America, Berlin for Europe, and Shanghai for Asia and Oceania.

Tesla Model 2

The information tells us that the Model 2 will be a C-segment crossover. Therefore, it will be a rival to proposals such as the BYD Atto 3, the KIA e-Niro, the MG ZS EV, or the Renault Scénic E-TECH, of which It will stand out by offering much lower prices, but without giving up continuing to be an important source of income and profits for the brand.

This will be achieved precisely by massively reducing costs. Musk himself has confirmed that the goal of his engineers is to make the new platform cost half that used in the Model 3 and Model Y, which already stand out for being much more competitive in terms of price than their rivals.

Another key, in addition to economy of scale, will be the batteries and the chassis production technique. Tesla will use LFP (lithium ferrophosphate) batteries, a structural pack, and large function parts in the front and rear subframes.

A Model 2 will inherit all of Tesla’s experience in both production and design, but will also receive the latest evolutions of the propulsion system that will allow it to have an efficient and powerful powertrain, without giving up key technologies such as driving. self-piloted, but it will arrive at a competitive price that, if it delivers as promised, starting at $25,000, will undoubtedly be a hit on the table.

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