Tesla Model 3 Highland with 3 radical changes and cheaper price

The  Tesla Model 3 Highland should be presented and launched on the market before the end of this year, considering that there are reports that the first units are already being manufactured in China. But this pilot production is the step before mass production not only in Shanghai but also in the rest of the company’s factories around the world. And according to the information that we have already been able to receive, it will arrive with several revolutionary changes concerning the model still in force. Several of them are focused on making it an electric car even cheaper than it is now.

We have already seen over the last few weeks that the  Tesla Model 3 Highland is going to be a real revolution at the design level,  with a radical aesthetic change compared to the current model. A more aggressive and sporty look, reminiscent of the  Tesla Roadster in its basic lines, and which is almost completely out of the design language on which they have been based up to now. Predictably, this new design will improve aerodynamics,  and this is critical to achieve greater efficiency and range without having to touch other components. Now, the big changes with which the Tesla Model 3 Highland arrives are not going to stop there, far from it.

The big changes of the Tesla Model 3 Highland and its biggest news to be better and even cheaper than now

A leak already uncovered months ago the enormous design change that, indeed, should improve aerodynamics and energy efficiency. But it is that we have also been able to learn that the  Tesla Model 3 Highland will be the one in charge of launching the new electric motors without rare earth,  which Elon Musk announced that they are significantly cheaper than the current ones. It has not been confirmed, but it is expected that this more economical motor is also capable of reducing energy consumption in favor of even greater efficiency.

And the new electric motor of the Tesla Model 3 Highland will be connected to the new CATL batteries,  which we remember is the largest battery manufacturer in the world. For the access versions, the new M3P battery will be used, which will replace the LFP, and achieves a  higher energy density. With it, instead of  60 kWh, the Tesla Model 3 will have an energy storage capacity of  66 kWh, so that it does not have a range of  510 km, but reaches up to  600 km, approximately.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Another curious critical change that is going to be seen in the  Tesla Model 3 Highland has to do with the construction of the interiorSome of the components used in the dashboard have already been filtered, for example, and one thing is very clear: fewer components will be used to do the same thing. Because? Because this is also part of the simplification in the production of the vehicle, which ultimately aims to reduce production costs. Because, above all, Elon Musk is very focused on making the Tesla Model 3 Highland much cheaper than the model available today.

So in the Tesla Model 3 Highland, we are going to see a  new exterior and interior design, focused on improving aerodynamics and efficiency, as well as reducing production costs. Hand in hand with this, we are going to have a  huge improvement in terms of not only the electric motor but also the battery that powers it, to achieve greater range than what its direct competitors are already offering. And probably the most revolutionary change will be the simplification of its production to adjust prices even more and make it significantly more affordable and accessible to the mass public.

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