Tesla is preparing a cheaper Tesla Model Y for Europe

According to sources close to the company, the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin is assembling the first units of a Model Y access with rear-wheel drive and LFP battery. No one can deny the success of the Tesla Model Y in Europe. The American SUV has become the best-selling model on the Old Continent in the first third of the year. Positioned as one of the most logical purchases in the electric segment, the current access version is the most requested version among European drivers. However, as various unofficial but reliable sources report, the Berlin Gigafactory could be starting to assemble a new access unit for Europe

Currently, the rear-wheel drive Model Y with 455 kilometers of range is the cheapest unit in the entire range with a starting price for Spain of 46,490 euros (without the MOVES III Plan). Unlike the higher dual motor, Long Range and Performance versions, it is not produced within Europe, instead, all units are imported from China. However, as Teslamag acknowledges, something may be changing within the German factory. A new model could have been added to the assembly lines.

It is not the first time that something like this has been heard since in August of last year the first rumors of an access Model Y circulated. So, we already highlighted that the European Union had approved the production based on an LFP battery signed by BYD. Despite the approval of the authorities, nothing was ever heard of that possible version again… until now. The first units could already have been assembled, but Tesla has not confirmed anything about it. Nothing about it is revealed in the official configurator, although everything may change soon.

What do we know about the Model Y with Blade batteries?

Now, just like a year ago, it has been specified that the access Model Y will offer a Blade-type battery signed by BYD. The battery will be imported from China and will have a capacity of 55 kWh, although whether this is net or gross is unknown. Thanks to it, the electric SUV will be able to offer an approved range of up to 440 kilometers, just 15 kilometers less than the current access model. The price should also be lower, although it is hard to imagine the figure, possibly around 40,000 or 42,000 euros, before possible aid from the Government.

Tesla Model Y

The incorporation of the LFP (Lithium Ferrophosphate) battery will mean a change in the architecture of the car. The characteristic of this type of cell-to-pack battery is that they not only store energy but also become a fundamental part of the vehicle’s structure. That means Tesla will have to make changes to the process of forming large castings. This fact means that the Model Y of access in Europe will no longer be imported from China, which in turn should have an impact on the sale price.

On more than one occasion, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has declared the good business relationship that unites his company with the BYD firm. The Chinese are currently the world’s second-largest battery producer and hope to become one of the major players in electric mobility in Europe. It’s official landing on the Old Continent has already taken place. The first three models of the house to be sold are the BYD Han, the BYD Tang, and the BYD Atto 3. The latter will position itself as the best-selling model of all thanks to its excellent value for money.

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