New Tesla Model 3 will start deliveries in September and will be cheaper

There is a lot of expectation to know the details of the imminent renewal of the Tesla Model 3. The American sedan, according to the latest rumors, would have already begun its test production at the Tesla plant in China, and of which we know new and juicy details.

According to inside sources, the Highland Project is highly classified and will remain under wraps until September. All with the aim of not stopping the sales of the current version.

These same sources indicate that the design of the taillights of the new model is similar to those of the Porsche Macan, and the general feeling is similar to that of the Model S. It is also mentioned that the cost of parts and components has decreased, which will mean a lower starting price.

Rumors on Chinese social networks indicate that the Model 3 will come out in its cheapest version, the Standard, with a price of about 200,000 yuan. Something that, if confirmed, will mean 13% less than the current start-up cost.

If we apply this drop to Europe, this would mean that the current 39,990 euros would drop to 34,500 euros. A real bombshell that would place it below models from several lower segments.

It is also indicated that the Model 3 will come with a normal steering wheel, but those interested will be able to mount the absurd Yoke steering wheel.

Tesla Model 3

Many details remain to be known, such as whether the new version will have an even more efficient propulsion system, and above all, whether the battery will finally increase its capacity from the current gross 60 kWh, useful 57.5 kWh, to the rumored 66 gross kWh, or 62.2 useful kWh, which should allow it to exceed 530 km of approved range. 

This would result in a more modern model, somewhat larger, with an Autopilot system equipped with the latest version of the computer, and also with more range and cheaper. A winning combination that should allow the saloon to recover old glories after six years without many changes to its proposal.

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