The Tesla Model X Plaid is now available

After many months without reaching the market, the largest of all Tesla is reaching the first buyers. The huge Model X SUV in its wildest version; Plaid, is already on the street and the first comparisons have just been published on social networks.

The Tesla Model X Plaid is a crossover-type SUV, with benefits beyond any logic for a car of these characteristics, but the segment it is aimed at seeks exclusivity, and that is something in which this model is not lacking.

With a more rejuvenated aesthetic, despite mounting elements of the past that are no longer in fashion, like its brother the Model S Plaid, this SUV draws attention for its hawk-wing rear doors, an infinite windshield that gives a sensation unique driving performance and supercar performance.

First deliveries Tesla Model X Plaid

Among the first owners to receive the first dropper deliveries of the Tesla Model X Plaid was aftermarket accessories provider RPM TESLA, which has documented the entire delivery process and its first impressions on its video channel. 

Apparently, after hearing the first opinions of the brand new owner of the Model X, Tesla seems to have preserved the best aspects of its star crossover that has attracted so much attention over the last few years.

To this must be added important and substantial improvements that allow greater enjoyment of a model that in Spain still has no price, although Tesla allows you to reserve it for 100 euros.

Spain and Europe waiting

Spain, like Europe, has not received new units for a year, both the Model X and the Tesla Model S, in any of their versions, eliminating for consumers with greater economic power, acquiring a Tesla superior to the popular Model 3 or Model Y.

The Tesla Model X Plaid offers a range estimated by Tesla of 536 km and is capable of reaching 262 km / h of top speed.

The acceleration of this car that can comfortably seat 7 adults is astonishing. This SUV with up to 2577 liters of cargo space and 2268 kg of towing capacity, stops the timer from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds.

The Tesla Model X Plaid is the fastest SUV in the world, with the highest acceleration rate, according to Tesla.

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