Tesla prepares the renewal of the Model 3

After five years on the market, it seems that the Tesla Model 3 would be preparing a renewal in its proposal. A new version will also begin production next year.

This has been indicated by the Reuters newspaper, which, citing up to four internal sources of the brand, has said that Tesla would already have the “Highland” project underway. An initiative aimed at renewing and improving the saloon is facing a decisive phase in its trajectory.

According to sources, the idea is not to do a traditional restyling, but to do a renovation where the design will be simplified and parts that are not necessary will be eliminated. This process started with the Model S, where the manufacturing process will eliminate components that are not necessary thanks to new production techniques, but also the digitization of elements, such as the controls behind the wheel.

The changes could also affect the interior design, where the installation of a somewhat larger screen is not ruled out, which would go from the current 15 inches to the 17 inches that the new Model S mounts. they expect changes but of small depth.

The propulsion system and batteries will also benefit from the innovations, which should result in a more efficient system that manages to reduce consumption and increase autonomy. An aspect where the structural battery system could come into play would make it possible to improve the energy and volumetric density of the pack, reducing weight, or even opening the possibility of offering a version with more autonomy.

Sources indicate that this new version of the Model 3 will begin production at the Tesla factory in China. And it will do so already in the third quarter of 2023. A model that, as we remember, is currently being sent to Europe.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla needs to make changes in order not to lose its dominant position. On the one hand, it will bet on improving the profit margin per unit sold, while improving the vehicle. And all with the card up its sleeve of being able to lower the price if necessary to clip the wings of the competition.

It should not be forgotten that in China, the Model 3 has seen its sales drop by 9% in the first 10 months of the year. Figures that could indicate an inclination towards the SUV, the Model Y. But Chinese rivals such as the BYD Qin, or the BYD Han, two sedans, have outsold the Model 3 itself so far this year, and other proposals from manufacturers like NIO, are gradually approaching the monthly figures of the Model 3.

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