Tesla reaches 40K superchargers worldwide

Tesla dominates the electric market, and we don’t just mean cars. Its charging points of it are spread all over the world. The supercharger network just hit 40,000 points, that’s how the progression has been.

Everyone is fighting to catch up with Tesla, and it’s normal. Those from Austin have conquered the world with their cars and also with their impressive cargo network. Although the beginnings were not easy, it is clear that the company has changed the world’s paradigm of mobility. Today their cars are the object of desire for many drivers and their charging points are the preferred place for many users. The vast network of superchargers reaches a historic milestone, spread throughout the world there are already more than 40,000 points that have been opened, and everything indicates that the number will soon reach a new record.

Things have changed a lot since Tesla opened the first fast charging station in history in 2012. At present, many companies have emerged that try to jeopardize the excellent infrastructure of Americans. However, to date, none have managed to match the terms and conditions of use. Tesla’s supercharger network is the best in the world for several factors: ease, speed, and effectiveness. Although it must also be recognized that their current prices are not especially cheap.

What was initially a private and exclusive charging network for Tesla users, today has become the largest public charging network in the world. In the United States and Europe, points have been opened for other electrical users to benefit from the excellent usability of the facilities. In just 10 years, red and white dots have gone from being unknown to being the biggest dominating force in the market. A brutal expansion that, as indicated by the indicators, will soon increase more rapidly.

It was on September 1, 2012, when Tesla opened its first point as part of the Tesla Model S launch support strategy. With modest growth in successive years, the second milestone was achieved in June 2018, when the 10,000th supercharge point was installed worldwide. Barely two years later, the figure doubled, and the progression has not stopped escalating. In November 2021 there were 30,000 points installed and today, just one year later, the figure reaches 40,000 supercharge hoses throughout the world.

Tesla supercharger

During this time, not only have the number of points been increased, but also their power. Technologies change, cars evolve and today Tesla Models are capable of charging at powers of up to 250 kW. The latest generation of superchargers has been proving for years that they can be recharged quickly and reliably. With 25 kilometers of range for each minute of connection, long-distance trips have significantly reduced their time. Although not all the network operates at the same speed.

If we move to Spain, our country is still lagging when it comes to the implementation of the electric car, but Tesla is the dominating force in the market. The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y are leaders and so are the company’s charging points. A few months ago, 400 points distributed and 50 stations distributed throughout the country were reached. A long time has passed since the company opened its first facility, back in 2015, in Girona. Once again, as in the rest of the world, the plans constantly announce openings.

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