This hybrid SUV from MG is €17,000 cheaper than its gasoline rivals

MG‘s strategy is transparent and is based on launching models that are much cheaper than those of its rivals, but that maintain good quality, stand out for having a lot of equipment, and can also boast of being sold with a 7-year warranty. They are attacking several segments and in all of them, they are the cheapest option. But the case of this SUV, which is not even its best-selling model, is the most striking: it costs 17,000 euros less than its strongest rival and offers no less than 258 HP of maximum power and a Zero label from the DGT.

The model we are talking about is the new MG EHS 2024. And I say ‘new’ because right now it has just been updated, unlike the alternatives on the market which are models like the Toyota RAV4, or of course the KIA Sportage and also the Nissan Qashqai. The only one that has ‘caught up’ is the 2024 Hyundai Tucson, which is also a much more expensive model than this MG EHS. And, by the way, despite being a ‘low cost’ option among compact SUVs, it has a plug-in hybrid engine that offers exceptional performance with its 258 HP, in addition to more complete standard equipment than any other model with which it is available. is compared.

MG EHS costs 17,000 euros less than a KIA Sportage or a Hyundai Tucson

The KIA Sportage, with the plug-in hybrid engine available in its range, has a price of 42,350 euros according to the brand’s official configurator in Drive finish, which is the most economical in the range. For its part, the MG EHS, in Comfort finish, can be purchased for 25,440 euros. It has a 258 HP plug-in hybrid engine compared to the 265 HP PHEV mechanics used by the KIA Sportage, so the differences are not at all so relevant that there is such a brutal price jump between the two.


The weak point of the MG EHS, as occurs with almost any Chinese car, is that it has enormous rear seats but is content with a trunk capacity of only 448 liters. It’s not that it’s small, but it falls far behind the 587 liters that the KIA Sportage has, which isn’t exactly that it has small rear seats. Now, if this is not so important to you, the MG EHS represents enormous savings and also has a 7-year warranty, in addition to the fact that the brand offers us the help of the MOVES III Plan to facilitate the purchase, and is sold with one year of free comprehensive insurance.

The best thing is that the MG EHS 2024, as I was telling you, even in the cheapest version of its range already has very complete standard equipment in which there is no lack of things such as dual-zone climate control, for example, the digital instrument panel with a large 12.3-inch diagonal screen or a multimedia system with a 10.1-inch touch screen. This, by the way, has been improved compared to the version before the restyling, and not only has an integrated GPS navigator but is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


To give us an idea of ​​how cheap the MG EHS is, even though it is a plug-in hybrid with 258 HP of power and 52 km of range in fully electric mode, it costs the same as the gasoline versions of the models that compete. That is to say, it has a much more interesting engine, especially because of its Zero label, its high power, and its efficiency, but it matches in price with the most basic gasoline versions of both the KIA Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson.

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