MG electric SUV is now priced lower than its hybrid rivals

A hybrid can be a good purchase, of course, but today buying an electric car is better for almost anyone. Much more so when it is cheaper, as surprising as it may be. But of course, who was going to make it possible for an electric car to be cheaper than a hybrid but MG, right? And this is thanks to the fact that they have pushed their prices to the extreme, with a discount that reaches up to 11,210 euros at most, and that is a car that has good power, that offers good range and that above all stands out because it comes with a lot of equipment included as standard.

Today you can buy a Renault Captur hybrid for 23,700 euros, and it is already a really interesting price. You will have read me on many occasions recommending this model over options like the Toyota Yaris Cross, for example. Among other things, it measures 4.22 meters long, has a correct trunk, and, above all, develops 145 HP with an engine that is efficient and uses very little gasoline. But of course, it is difficult to compete with an MG ZS EV that right now can be purchased for 22,480 euros, which is completely electric and which not only has much more equipment included as standard but is also more powerful.

The MG ZS EV is on the cheap, now it costs less than a hybrid with a more powerful engine, a very decent range and equipped ‘to the top’

The MG ZS EV uses an electric motor that develops 177 HP of maximum power and can be combined with a battery with 51 kWh of energy storage capacity, or 72 kWh. With the most basic we already have 320 km of electric range under the WLTP cycle, which is not bad at all if we consider its price; and with the second we go to 440 km, which makes it more convenient if we want to travel more comfortably. Either version is recommended, in any case, and there is no alternative for its price.


And, by the way, the MG ZS EV has a direct current fast charging system, with up to 92 kW maximum power, which allows 80% of the energy to be recovered in just 40 minutes according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. And as always, with more complete standard equipment than the rivals available on the market, both in terms of comfort and in terms of driving assistance systems and in terms of multimedia technology.

The great advantage of the MG ZS EV is that since it is electric, it benefits from an aid of up to 7,000 euros discount corresponding to the MOVES III Plan, and this reduces its price gaps concerning similar models, that use hybrid engines. Furthermore, MG is carrying out a very aggressive commercial strategy with large discounts for financing with them, including a year of free comprehensive insurance and adding to all its cars – whether electric or not – a warranty of 7 years.

A Toyota Yaris Cross, which is also a similar SUV, with a 116 HP hybrid engine, has a minimum price of 24,925 euros. It is less powerful, has a smaller cabin, and still costs a lot more. The same thing happens with other models such as the Mitsubishi ASX – which is a Renault Captur, after all – and a long etcetera. And, indeed, the MG ZS EV does not have as much range as an MG4 offers even in its most economical version of the range, but it is certainly a very good purchase option, and even more so if we have a car charging socket. electrical in our home or, for example, in our workplace.

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