This 100% electric car looks like the Nissan GT-R and has 1,305 HP

At the rear, of course not, but at the front this new 100% electric sports car is very reminiscent of the Nissan GT-R. At least to me, what do you want me to tell you? However, the first fundamental difference is that, indeed, it is an electric car, and on top of that it has incredible performance, because with a deployment of no less than three electric motors it reaches an impressive figure of 1,305 HP of maximum power, each one. of them with their performance of 435 HP. And be careful, because this is not the most surprising thing about the HiPhi A.

Indeed, its name is HiPhi A, and it is a very high-performance sports sedan that has been developed in association with Apollo Automobil. Which surely, like me, doesn’t sound familiar to you. But come on, it is a German sports car manufacturer founded by Roland Gumper, who was director of Audi Sport and now has its facilities in Denkedorf. Now you have your bearings, right? And this surely makes it clear to you that this brand is very serious not only with its four-door sedan with four seats but also with its upcoming launches. But, for now, the HiPhi A already goes much further than what almost any other brand offers with a configuration of three electric motors for a combined performance of 1,305 HP that puts the Tesla Model S Plaid and even the Lucid Air Sapphire in trouble.

This is the incredible technical sheet of the HiPhi A

In case you didn’t know, the Tesla Model S Plaid has ‘only’ 1,006 HP of maximum power, and the Lucid Air Sapphire reaches up to 1,111 HP. Come on, the HiPhi A goes much further. That is why it can boast of its 300 km/h maximum speed, which is limited by the way, and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2 seconds. All this with aluminum wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, and a multitude of lightened components thanks to the use of TC4 titanium and nanoceramics. A masterpiece of engineering in this matter of electric cars.

HiPhi A interior

It’s not so surprising anymore, but it has digital cameras instead of exterior rearview mirrors and displays their images on independent screens installed on each A-pillar. The HiPhi A is built on a specific platform that uses an 800 V architecture, and this does. We have it officially confirmed, but it has not yet been revealed what its range is, what the technical details of the battery it uses, and how far it can go with its fast charging system. So several critical technical data have not yet been revealed that will let us know, really, to what extent it can compete with the Tesla Model S Plaid.

HiPhi A

The HiPhi A has already been shown on several occasions, but it will not go into production until 2024, with the first customer deliveries taking place sometime during early 2025It is a ‘made in China’ product with European engineering as well, but it will be sold all over the world. In addition to it, the brand has other products such as the HiPhi X and also the HiPhi Y, as well as the HiPhi Z. Curiously, the brand started using the last letters of the alphabet, and now they have continued the development of its range of electric cars with the initials, so it is to be expected that the next model will be the HiPhi B.

HiPhi A

It is not a car within the reach of ordinary mortals, but it is further evidence, along with the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Lucid Air Sapphire, among some others, that the transition to fully electric cars is not going to leave us without vehicles. Truly fun to drive. We have already seen and verified that we are going to win in terms of performance because electric propulsion systems can go much further than what thermal powertrains can achieve.

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