This will be the new electric Smart SUV

Last September, Smart presented the Concept # 1 prototype. A concept that showed us what the proposal for the future electric SUV of the German brand would be like,  which will hit the market in 2022. Now we have recreated how this new model will be that wants to become the protagonist this next year.

The Smart SUV will become the first proposal of the German brand developed under a joint venture formed by Geely and Mercedes-Benz in 2019.

Smart’s electric SUV, the name of which is still unknown, will be in the B segment so it will compete with models such as the Hyundai Kona, the DS 3 Crossback E-TENSE, or the MINI Countryman. Its dimensions will be very similar to those of the concept car  ( 4.29 meters long, 1.91 meters wide, 1.70 meters high, wheelbase of 2.75 meters).

Although Mercedes-Benz will continue to be responsible for the design of the vehicle, the entire technical section will be the responsibility of Geely. This will be noticed on the chosen platform, the SEA of the Chinese group. According to what was announced at the time by Smart, the SUV will have an approximate range of about 430 km WLTP. Since it will be made in China, it is promised to be ‘very competitively priced.

The Smart Concept # 1 corresponds 95% to the final model, something that has been confirmed after the leak of a series of images from the patent office that show us the final design of the vehicle. Only several small details will change from the prototype to the production proposal, the most prominent being the conventional opening rear doors.

The final model will be very similar to Smart Concept

Smart SUV

The  “Shark Nose” characteristic and the floating roof is seen on the concept car will remain, while the bumpers will lose some aggressiveness. The rims for their part will be smaller, while the mirrors will adopt more conventional forms. The rear will continue to be monopolized by expressive drivers attached to the width of the gate.

Not surprisingly in the passenger compartment, there will be too many changes,  keeping the dashboard and center console T – shaped. Although it cannot be seen in the leaked images, it is to be expected that the 12.8-inch touchscreen in landscape format of the Concept # 1 will also be transferred unchanged to the final model, which will be homologated for five passengers instead of four.

This vehicle will be marketed following a new direct sales model, as the customer will buy his unit online from the manufacturer itself. Several selected Mercedes-Benz dealerships will host a smart display so that customers can see their cars in person, although the dealerships will be mere company agents rather than intermediaries.

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