Toyota to launch electric car with 500-mile range and 40% cheaper in 2026

Toyota is little by little laying the foundations for a future range of electric cars that they hope will allow them to recover lost ground. A few weeks ago we learned about the project that the Japanese manufacturer was carrying out with the help of the Japanese government to develop two new types of batteries, of which we now have more details.

Toyota will launch 100% electric models that may have two types of battery depending on their segment: a ternary lithium battery designed to offer long ranges, while a second lithium-fluorophosphate battery will do so, weighing in on the most economical options.

One of the first models to arrive will have a range of 500 miles and will arrive on the market in 2026. In addition, this will have a cost of 40% lower than the current Toyota bZ4X. Something that, if confirmed, would mean a price of around 30,000 euros. Too good to be true?

The Japanese press may be mixing the range of the NMC battery model and the price of the LFP. Despite having just over two years ahead, it seems like too big a leap forward for any brand. Even one with the technological and economic power of Toyota.

Between 2027 and 2028, Toyota will also launch a high-performance lithium battery that will have a range of 620 miles and will be 10% cheaper than existing lithium-ion batteries. To achieve these range figures, Toyota will work on aspects such as efficiency. And to do this they will design batteries that are as thin as possible,  to allow cars to be designed with a good aerodynamic coefficient.

Toyota bZ Compact

The battery height of the current bZ4X is approximately 150mm, while that of the next-generation model’s battery will be reduced to 120mm. Toyota also confirmed that this will allow it to produce “high-performance sports models” with a battery height of 100mm.

By the end of the decade, Toyota hopes to have its solid electrolyte technology up and running. This should begin production in 2028, offering a range of 620 miles, and can be charged from 10% to 80% using fast charging in 10 minutes. Subsequently, the Asian brand will launch a second generation that will allow range of 930 miles.

It is clear that there is a lot left, and in a market that moves at the speed of light, especially with the emergence of Chinese groups, but there is no doubt that after timid beginnings, it seems that the Toyota board has finally concluded that the battery-electric car is the future, and they are beginning to invest large sums to try not to be left behind.

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