Toyota promises 930-mile range for electric cars in 2025

The new solid-state battery from the Japanese brand is scheduled to be launched in 2025 and will, in principle, mean the transformation of the automotive industry, since to date no company has achieved a battery as powerful as the one that Toyota will launch. This new battery will reduce charging times, increase capacity, and reduce the risk of fire. 

The novel of Genji is the greatest masterpiece of Japanese literature of all time and one of the first novels in history. Now, Toyota wants his great magnum opus to be an electric car capable of reaching 930-mile of range on a single charge. All of this will be based on innovative solid-state battery technology.

According to what our colleagues at Computer Hoy tell us, the Japanese company has announced its new objective, which would be a momentous event in the automotive industry, since until now no company has achieved a battery as powerful as the one mentioned.

The foundation of this project is based on simplifying the production of the material used in these batteries. In this way, it would facilitate the way of applying it in mass-marketed electric cars. Toyota’s roadmap is to market a vehicle that incorporates this technology by 2025.

The Japanese firm is one step ahead of its competitors in terms of manufacturing solid-state batteries. Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, they differ in that they have the potential to drastically reduce charging times, and increase capacity, but at the same time, reduce the risk of fire, thereby increasing safety. 

2023 Toyota Prius

More range and reduced charging times

The production version scheduled for two years has the challenge of increasing the cruising range by 20%, which is already a considerable advance. But at Toyota, they want to go further and are investigating to achieve a higher performance variant that could offer an extraordinary 50% more range and very reduced full charge times: just 10 minutes. 

If the Japanese company finally achieves its goal, it would represent one of the greatest advances in the automotive world, since it would completely transform the way we plan trips and eliminate any concern about battery life, which is so confusing. today to owners of electric vehicles. 

The firm based in Aichi Prefecture assures that it has already left behind the different barriers that caused large-scale production of these batteries to stop in the past and looks to the future with optimism. In addition to the technological advance that it will give, it represents a challenge for the industry because it will have range , battery, and sustainability in equal parts. 

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