Volkswagen is ahead of Tesla and Porsche with this electric car

Although sales of the Volkswagen ID family are going at a good pace, they are not achieving the proposed objectives. The Germans have to give a boost to their most efficient range, although to do so they have to deviate slightly from the path of reason. The Volkswagen ID.7 was presented a few months ago as the champion of range and low consumption. Quite the opposite of the experimental unit that they have just presented, the Volkswagen ID.X Performance. The electric sedan is elevated to maximum performance power.

The first ID units that we have known over the years have always displayed good electrical behavior. Behind the wheel, however, ID drivers are missing some passion. Electric vehicles must be efficient, achieving minimum consumption to maximize their efficiency, but we must never underestimate an extreme version that, although it deviates from the main concept, provides a radical point of view that excites buyers. The ID.7 range has different versions, the most efficient of all is capable of achieving ridiculous consumption, lower than that of a Dacia Spring. But, this time we are talking about an opposite presentation.

The ID.GTX Performance has nothing to do with the expected ID.7 GTX version that was announced almost parallel to the normal versions. There will be a GTX for the sedan, but it will have little or no resemblance to the model we see in images today. It is a conceptual model, a show car that will never reach dealerships. The modifications are as large as they are generous. Starting with the design, the excellent aerodynamics of the ID.7 are broken with the introduction of prominent appendages that seek to optimize airflow so that it helps increase support when cornering. To highlight the inconspicuous rear spoiler.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance

We must also add modified elements such as the 20-inch mono-nut wheels shod with competition tires measuring 265. Inside there are also alterations, but more focused on improving the feeling of sportiness. Details in racing red and, above all, the introduction of sports front seats. However, the highlight is what we cannot see, the mechanical part that is hidden under that striking bodywork decorated in two different shades. That’s when Volkswagen discovered a different ID.7 than the one we have known to date.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance interior

As it could not be otherwise, the ID.X Performance mounts two motors, one on each axle, capable of generating up to 416 kW (558 HP)  of power with a Boost function. Volkswagen did not want to provide more performance data, but they assured that not only the power has been increased. Other dynamic parameters have been modified such as the height of the body, 60 millimeters less than the standard model, or the convergence of the wheels to improve cornering. Surely with time, this show car will hit some track, setting a time that will demonstrate that Wolfsburg is not only capable of designing ordinary and efficient electric cars.

Elenor Kling

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