Elon Musk’s biography reveals one of Tesla Model 2’s best secrets

Tesla’s future mass electric car is yet to be revealed. There are years left for it to hit the market, but now we can get an idea of ​​what Elon Musk wants. Needless to say, Tesla has revolutionized not only the electric car market, it has also shaken up the entire motor industry. Thanks to Americans, the world is changing the way it moves. With just four cars on the market, they have managed to modify the behavior of millions of drivers, but that is only part of an ambitious plan outlined by Elon Musk. The car that is going to change everything, at least it is expected, will be the Tesla Model 2. It remains to be seen officially, but today we know a little more about it.

It must be taken into account that we are not talking about a soon-to-be-launched car, quite the opposite. Tesla made its arrival official in the spring of this year. That means that, following the company’s usual rhythms, it could still take a few years to see it hit the roads. In some ways, Americans are in no hurry. They know that they have the electric market in their grasp and that when their long-awaited Model 2 hits the market it will sweep sales. It will do so if it arrives with a succulent price of $25,000.

Another of its keys will be the design. If we take a look at Tesla’s main lineup we see that all of their cars bear a certain resemblance to each other. Details that establish a design philosophy that has recently been modified with the appearance of the new Tesla Model 3. We all assumed that the Model 2 was going to maintain that aesthetic line, but, according to the latest biography of Elon Musk, the compact could break all the rules and look for a different approach. Now the big question is, what will it look like?

Walter Isaacson, a famous biographer, has shared some of Musk’s life over the past few years and is about to publish his authorized biography. As often happens in these cases, the advance of the book reveals some interesting secrets to encourage sales. As collected by Axios, Tesla’s 25,000-euro car project has certain surprises in store for us. One of them will be the design that, according to the biography, will have “a futuristic touch like that of the Tesla Cybertruck. Musk himself has approved the sketches and in his own words, “when one of these comes around the corner, people will think he’s seeing something from the future.”


To date, we have heard many rumors about the Model 2. We have seen several supposed test units circulating on the road. The first spy photos dismantled the new theory. Its appearance could not be more normal, very much in line with the current aesthetic line of the house. Plans may have changed or Tesla may be playing with the information that reaches the world. Americans are experts in these matters and know that every rumor, good or bad, is visibility for them. What we do know is that the project is underway. It is advancing slowly, but it will arrive before the end of the decade.

Lynda Reeder

I'm Lynda, I currently own Tesla. I write about electric cars. My aim is to provide information on how technology can improve the ownership experience of electric vehicles.
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