Volvo’s first minivan the EM90 is a luxury six-seat electric

Volvo has presented the first minivan in its history, the new EM90. This electric car is derived directly from the already-known Zeekr 009 since both brands belong to the Geely group; However, the newcomer stands out from its Chinese brother by incorporating some of the characteristic aesthetic keys of the Scandinavian firm.

Although minivans have been languishing in Europe for years, in some Asian regions they continue to enjoy enormous success. For this reason, the EM90 will be launched first in China (the country where it will also be manufactured), arriving later on the old continent.

Volvo places particular emphasis on the EM90’s historical connection to its first estate car, the 1953 Duett. This revered classic, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, was conceived from the beginning to offer space and versatility, values ​​it shares with its electric descendant.

The front of the EM90 features expressive T-shaped headlights with the characteristic “Thor’s hammer” lighting signature. There is no grille, although the large corporate logo (which is also illuminated) prevents the front from being too clear. At the rear, we find enormous vertical taillights that are to some extent reminiscent of the brand’s typical station wagons.

Volvo EM90

The Volvo EM90 offers up to 738 CLTC kilometers of range

It is a very large car: with 5.21 meters long, 2.02 meters wide, 1.86 meters high, and 3.20 meters long, the EM90 is revealed as Volvo’s largest proposal, fitting into the select F segment (vehicles of representation). This is evident in its very spacious and luxurious cabin, which can accommodate three rows of seats.

Volvo EM90

Available with six individual seats, our protagonist delights rear passengers with a generous 15.6-inch folding screen, thanks to which they will have access to streaming services, video conferencing, and more. Its nerve center is a 15.4-inch horizontal touch display, which brings together practically all the car’s controls.

“With the EM90, we bring Volvo Cars’ heritage and leadership in safety to the exciting new segment of electric minivans,” explains Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo“It allows us to tap into new market demands that we haven’t explored before and broadens the appeal of the Volvo brand to more people.”

Volvo EM90 interior

The Volvo EM90 combines a 268 HP motor with a 116 kWh capacity battery, enough to approve a maximum range of 738 km under the Chinese CLTC approval cycle. Connected to an ultra-fast station (at the moment we do not know its peak power), it can recover 70% of its charge (10-80%) in approximately half an hour.

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