What is happening with the Tesla Cybertruck?

Delays have been accumulating since the promise to deliver the first units back in 2021

The Tesla Cybertruck should have been on the roads around the world for two years and production of the electric pick-up would have to be 100% in the Texas factory. But the truth is that not even a first run of units has been delivered yet and Elon Musk has not exactly sounded hopeful in his latest statements.

It was 2019 when Musk was proudly talking about the Tesla Cybertruck that they were going to launch in 2021. A vehicle with a 100% electric pick-up body that had little or nothing to do with the catalog of cars offered by the North American manufacturer.

Square in shape, apparently very heavy and difficult to fit in with Tesla’s normal clientele, it was very well received. Reservations approached half a million just a few days after the registration form opened.

Reservations that remain unanswered two years later and that amount to no more than a $100 deposit. In addition, it is fully refundable in case the customer does not accept the purchase when it is launched on the market. It is a figure that practically everyone can assume.

So much so, that there are currently more than two million registered interested parties in the Cybertruck, without yet knowing if they will be able to afford it and with a waiting list that until a few days ago exceeded five years. And it will be even greater if in Texas they continue to delay and do not begin to remove units from the assembly lines that can be marketed.

Many of these potential buyers were seduced by Elon Musk’s promise in 2019, when together with that prototype he spoke of an access price of $38,000.

Tesla Cybertruck

A cost far from what it will mean to acquire it after a supply crisis, an increase in costs, and the development of a Tesla Cybertruck that Musk himself has said will still pose “new challenges.”

He said this in the last meeting he had with the company’s investors and analysts, to which he added another interesting statement, which was to say that the company “has dug its own grave” with this car. A concern in somewhat complicated financial times for Tesla is seeing how its price war works in terms of volume, but not in terms of profits.

That is to say, they have closed the third quarter with car sales 5% higher than those of the same period last year, but with a net profit 44% lower and with a drop again in shares on the stock market, estimated at more 9% after the last report that has been made public.

The Tesla Cybertruck will surely be manufactured, but it will not cost $38,000. The disbursement that will have to be made for a unit of the pick-up is still unknown.

Musk assured that they continue to make numbers for its marketing to be profitable, which requires a sufficient production volume, which, ultimately, would be 125,000 units per year, to later increase to 250,000 Cybertrucks per year.

Until further notice, all we know is that the next date on which deliveries were promised to customers is November 30. It is very likely that, after the recent statements by the CEO of Tesla,  we will have to wait a little longer.

At the moment, the only Tesla Cybertruck that has an owner is a production unit that was auctioned a few weeks ago during the 29th Petersen Auto Museum Gala. The price paid amounted to $400,000.

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